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trimming shrubs Video Rating: / 5 The T-Rex Extreme pruning saw blade cuts amazingly smooth. In the past I have used hand pruning saws and chains saws. They always leave a ragged edge at the bottom of the cut. This blade would work extremely well with thin and tender barked trees such as elm, maple, and nine bark. Robert Hodge Master Gardener for 34 years. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSummer Gardening – Trimming and Pruning HedgesGrowing Weed with a Hydro System – Weeks 8-11, Flowering and TrimmingNice garden ideas[3/3] The Shrub Border, Plan View – Landscape Design25 SIMPLE DIY PALLET DESIGN IDEAS FOR GARDEN – NICE & EASYGardening Tips : Shrub Benefits

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  • trevor cox 1 year ago

    Nice vid Jason. Thanks. Interesting tip regarding the cyanide gas.

  • Samwise457 1 year ago

    Are you titan tools from screwfix? Cheers

  • Chris's Landscaping 1 year ago

    Hi Jason,
    Loving your videos. Watched pretty much all of your videos so far and appreciate you putting these up. I definitely prefer your videos with voice overs as it gives a nice personalised feel to each video. Felt quite lonely with all of the YouTube videos of landscapers and gardeners from other countries. I'll try putting some up of my own work soon as I love the idea of sharing the work with fellow gardeners in the UK. Take Care. Chris.

  • Emerald Bren 1 year ago

    great video mate …bet the clean up is a pain on the stones… have a good weekend

  • Green Barrow Garden Services 1 year ago

    Nice property to work on. Good work! All caught up on your vids 🙂 Keep them coming!

  • Mowersandstuff 1 year ago

    Very good video and narrated well, the video reminded me of the jobs I'm doing at the moment I seem to be holding a hedge trimmer most of the week, I use both the normal 30 inch stihl and the stihl Kombi I recently got. You did a good job there thanks for the vid.