A house with a garden and a kitchen (visit)

Owen Architecture’s kitchen garden house, this project evolved through a process of storytelling, reconnecting the house with its site, and creating a house with garden and kitchen design as one. Paul Owen, Director of Owen Architecture, explained that the feeling and story of the space is constantly evolving and is part of the narrative created with the client. “When we meet with clients and show design ideas, we basically ask them to imagine how their lives will play a role in the design.” During the design process, Owen Architecture determined that the main living space in the house was separated from the site, which meant The backyard is not used. Paul saw an opportunity here to build a house with a garden and a kitchen. When arranging the living space, Toby Scott said that he used his knowledge of the client’s personality to bring color and texture to the space. Pairing brown leather armchairs with terracotta sofas and pink rugs comes from knowing that customers are not afraid to try different things. The circular carpet is a response to the circular kitchen island, which in itself is an experimental move by Owen Architecture. Through the process of storytelling, the kitchen garden house transforms the original Queenslanders into a vibrant modern family home, which is now open and connected with the garden, kitchen and interior space. Produced by a local project. Video from Kintaro Studio. For more information about local projects: Website – Instagram – Print publication – Pinterest – #GardenDesign #KitchenDesign #Architecture.


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