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I’m sorry if the slides go by a little fast, but that’s what the pause button is for =P This video is intended for parents and teachers to help educate their kids about the growth process of plants and flowers in a fun way because the kids can see the entire process from a seed to the time it is big enough to be planted in the ground! There will be a follow up video of the seed sprouting with time lapse Are you using Snapchat yet? Click below to see our latest tutorial and learn all of Snapchats coolest tips and tricks Watch more Seeds & Planting videos: If you love to bury your face in a cold slice of watermelon on a hot summer day, learn to grow them in your own backyard. Step 1: Start indoors Start your seedlings indoors, especially if you live in a cooler climate. Plant two to three seeds per pot and choose the healthiest seedling for transplantation. Tip For best results use peat pots that can be transplanted whole without uprooting and potentially traumatizing your seedling. Step 2: Give space Give your watermelons space to grow. Seed hills in a row, and space the rows 7 to 10 feet apart. If you don’t have that much room, consider a smaller bush variety. Step 3: Plant Plant your seeds or seedlings outdoors after the last frost. Plant one to two seedlings per hill, or thin your plants to this number once they have taken root. Step 4: Feed well Feed your watermelon plants with fertilizers rich in nitrogen early in their growth, followed by fertilizer rich in phosphorous and potassium after flowers have formed. Step 5: Water if necessary Water your watermelons only when necessary, such as during a prolonged dry […]

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  • ahmad nasruddin 4 years ago

    after you harvested the fruit, can the tree produce again another watermelon?
    *sorry for my bad english

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    Pointed side up on seeds?

  • aokspage 4 years ago

    200 pounds

  • Samuel Trajano 4 years ago

    screw your pesticides

  • Melissa Anne Hedwall 4 years ago

    Pesticides? No thanks!

  • GirlyGirls 1 4 years ago

    I loved this video. Thanks alot Howcast for this video i subscribed to you I liked it and shared it

  • Daniel C 4 years ago

    Where do i get a big appetite i cant find it anywhere

  • FollowTheSunDown 4 years ago

    happy planting

  • Dillon Qaphsiel 4 years ago

    Don't use pesticides it kills insect life in the soil, if anything you want to add sugar to the soil to increase insect life.

  • bdreys07 4 years ago

    I keeps me a shallow hoe cuz my pimp hand strong

  • Fan Smith 4 years ago

    Pesticides, MY ASS, THIS IS A BS video

  • L Jeff 4 years ago

    does too much sun affects it

  • 3asianassassin 4 years ago

    My pesticide for watermelons is the ladybug.

  • OhMyGulay 4 years ago

    I asked my ex girlfriend to weed my watermelon patch. She said no. Does anybody else know where I can find a shallow hoe?

  • TheDirtyBandit1 4 years ago

    I asked a couple shallow hoes to help in my garden but they both said no.

  • Melon God 4 years ago

    You are an amazing person.

  • Karol Bała 4 years ago

    It's watermelòn!

  • Queen Kikyo 4 years ago