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I thoroughly cover all the aspects of starting your first vegetable garden. From selecting the right location & tracking the sun through planting, fertilizing, staking, watering tomatoes and peppers. Plus I show you how to start cilantro, dill and basil from seed. This is great video for first time gardeners. It is a complete guide to help you join the world vegetable gardening. Please Help Support My Channel: The Rusted Garden – Thanks! Please Visit The Rusted Garden Seed & Garden Shop: You can support The Rusted Garden by using this link for anything you purchase on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be garden related. Anything you purchase gives a % return back to The Rusted Garden Thanks for using my link. It helps fund my garden videos! Table of Contents 0:00 Introduction 0:48 The Basic Size for Your First Garden 1:33 Basic Principles to Turning the Bed & Adding Bagged Soil 5:00 All the Basic Materials for Your First Garden 7:04 Picking the Right Location – Details on the Sun 8:28 Picking the Right Size for Your Garden 8:54 Cover Your Garden Space with Cardboard (4-6 Weeks) 9:38 Where to Plant Your Plants Based on Height & Shading 11:02 Creating a Weed Barrier with Cardboard 12:46 Using The Garden Soil Bags to Build Your Soil 14:04 Planting the Peppers: All the Steps 16:45 Tomato Spacing and What Indeterminate Means 17:30 Planting Tomatoes: All the Steps 21:38 Planting Chive and Oregano Transplants 23:44 Planting Basil from Seeds 25:24 Planting Dill from Seeds 26:10 Planting Cilantro from Seeds 27:26 Top Dressing with Fertilizer and Staking Your Plants 30:14 Conclusion and Watering Tips Subscribe to My YouTube Channel (800 Garden Videos) – The Rusted Garden: Follow me on Instagram for Harvest Pictures, Updates and Monthly Give-Aways: Visit My […]

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  • Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) 1 year ago

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  • chrisjzenteno 1 year ago

    Hey man, would love to see an update video of your son's garden!

  • Gail Greenberg 1 year ago

    I'd like to get a raised bed started. My problem is that it will be placed on rock. I live in France in a very rocky region. I'll bee recycling the soil fro
    Plots plus composts. How deep does it have to be do you think? I'm going to create it with the rocks and stones on
    My property. The depth will be created by the stone " wall".
    Thanks again and keep on posting such interesting videos,

  • Tara Tabassum 1 year ago

    Very nice videos.

  • Gary Schmelzer 1 year ago

    What can I use on my sweet potatoes they are growing well. Something is eating leaves. Instructions on liquid 7 says dont use on sweet potatoes

  • Vicki Sann 1 year ago

    How do I use the left over Organic fertilizer?
    Please respond to the hotmail address, not getting to your responses

  • Sherry Dee 1 year ago

    So much interesting info. I failed last year, so this year I planted in fabric bags & so far I've got enough squash to feed 2 adults every night of the week! My soil is hard & red from the native oak trees. Nothing grows in it. I also enjoyed the 13 minute ad from Fender! It was fun to remember my days in the music world.

  • Camirra Williamson 1 year ago

    this is very informative!! thanks for this

  • aaron elswick 1 year ago

    nooooooooo dont mess up your benifitial network. try a no till bed and see the difference in a year or two!!!!

  • HomelessHedgehog 1 year ago

    Based on the orientation that you laid out in the video it sounds like you are planting on the north side against the shed and near a fence on the eastern side with trees on both east and west side of the house. Is that really enough sun? If my orientation is correct that will be pretty limited sunlight since you are getting shaded by the shed on the south. On the eastern side you're getting shaded by the fence and you'll be missing out on the pleasant cool sunrise sun. Probably the best sunlight would be in the middle of the yard…..

  • thatpat1 1 year ago

    A question for anybody… how many artichoke plants could you fit into a 4 x 4 raised bed?

  • LucasGrowsBest 1 year ago

    Wasssssaaap Gary.

  • Pamela Anne 1 year ago

    Beautiful little garden space but what about soil loss where the stones dont meet up? I hope you do an update video to show the results in a few weeks or so.

  • fishmut 1 year ago

    People if you want organic fertiliser , don’t jump on the band wagon of buying garbage fertiliser , use your own and eat healthy plants instead of chemical modernised poison in your food. Your choice.

  • Vicki Sann 1 year ago

    I got my transplants cheaper, I have a few Amish Greenhouses paid 1.75. Price reduce.
    Using oregano, cilantro, Italian Parsley as animals an bugs stay away. Anything pungent.
    For Deer, chop up Irish Spring soap, zip lock sandwich bags w/ small holes, so the scent gets out. Deer have sensitive noses.

  • Danny Davis 1 year ago

    Thanks for another great video Gary. Typical Tennessee soil, heavy and rocky!

  • Tim Sheets 1 year ago

    I always have a terrible time trying to start herb seeds. I haven't tried direct sowing, though. I just always cave in and buy the transplants.

  • TMF J 1 year ago

    Looks great! Thanks for the info. Always helpful.

  • Bravo Luca 1 year ago

    Super video. I can’t do raised beds because I have Bermuda grass. I’ve tried covering it with cardboard but the grass just won’t die. And you can’t get rid of Bermuda grass unless you spray with roundup. And I don’t like to use chemicals in my yard. So I do my garden in containers.