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“Hollywood Love” available at: Official Visualizer: Shot By: Johnny Rager Location: Hollywood Hills Song: Hollywood Love Feat. Gunna Follow A.CHAL Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Lyrics: Oh I don’t want your name or your number I don’t think you gon’ remember So many times we done this before I… Will never be the one that you switch up for Just go on wit your ways… You ain’t gotta change, for me [HOOK] x2 I can’t tell no more if it’s Hollywood or what Hollywood love We probably gonna fuck anyway But then so what? Mmmmm that’s okay Got some friends with you baby that’s okay I been sneakin geekin taking drugs all day I feel like the “Pepe” pumping gas all day This money got me having my way Driving to the moon hittin gas all brakes Fucking in the room and the ____ out of state Her pussy just like food, before I eat it it’s in my grace Mmmmmmmmm we done came a long way I just threw a penthouse suite we done came a long way You might as well come over cuz we gon’ fuck anyway I call you when I’m lonely be my company for space She told me if I drink wit her then I don’t gotta chase I told her if I’ll b wit her she gotta earn her place 2019 Bentley truck that shit all in they face [HOOK] I can’t tell no more if it’s Hollywood or what Hollywood love We probably gonna fuck anyway But then so what? (2x) So what? Ima get this money, Ima get the pesos, more chavo, more bucks Ima give you some of my time, give you good d*ck, pero no mas I met you in the hollywood hills in the bathroom, […]

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  • Giani Lizeth Yepez Fermin 1 month ago

    Gran talento! Super creativo con estilo, lo amo. Recomendaría que realizará una colaboración con Kali Uchis, Saludos desde México A.chal♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • corazón sincero 1 month ago

    Vine por el @faraónloveshady

  • Anthony Edward Vallejos Marin 1 month ago

    Ator , young eiby, strong, slow,murder, ni a los talonesss, duro broww!!!

  • Olivia Rivera 1 month ago

    we don't deserve A.Chal lol. he is otherworldly and magical…..

  • Bomb!

  • Salva 1 month ago

    Faraon Love Shady > A.CHAL

  • KidRozas 1 month ago

    Vibrasss desde Cusco Peù hermano (:

  • dominiqui santillan ramos 1 month ago

    Peru en en la casa

  • Gizly Grizzly 1 month ago

    Te amo♡ eres un artista con demasiado estilo y talento. Mucho más éxito, Felicidades soy tu gran fan ♡

  • Saad El Ali 1 month ago

    We need A.CHAL and The Weeknd collab

  • Andres Alvarez 1 month ago

    Un descubrimiento gracias a Molokopodcast, directamente desde Perusalem

  • George P 1 month ago

    Mmmmm That’s ok