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In this video, Ethan Walter with Bright Agrotech explains the basics of N-P-K. NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These three numbers represent the ratio of N, P, and K in your fertilizer. Every main mix (complete balance) fertilizer will have these numbers clearly displayed, always in the same order. Not all fertilizers are complete balanced fertilizers, however. Different ratios of NPK serve different needs. For instance, a blooming mix might have low to no nitrogen in the mix. So what do each of these nutrients do? Nitrogen is what makes your plants green, big, and strong. It is the absolute most important nutrient in the solution. Phosphorus is important for blooming; it plays a role in all of the reproductive roles of your plant. Potassium is important to plant photosynthesis, CO2 uptake, activation of plant enzymes, and water uptake. It is important for building strong stems and seeds. N, P, and K are not the only nutrient that your plant needs. Micronutrients are required in much smaller quantities. A complete and balanced fertilizer will almost always include the micronutrients. The NPK in your fertilizer are not present in their pure elemental form. Plants can only take up certain compounds with these nutrients in them. Fertilizers also sometimes have multiple forms in the fertilizers. These are listed on the label of the formula. Many sources of fertilizers are synthetically derived. You might be wondering if there’s an organic option. The answer is yes, but realize that more is needed to use an organic solution. To use organic fertilizers in a hydroponic setup, you need a very strong microbial community in your system. The microbes are what drives organic growing. They cycle the nutrients and turn them into a form that the plants can use. So if you don’t have […]

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  • Abdullah gul 1 week ago

    Thank you for a very fantastic information. Can you please explain how make a solution for hydroponic system

  • Dinesh Chawda 1 week ago

    Useful & informative video. Thanks.

  • nabeel ibrahim 1 week ago

    Where could I get these element? Any suggestions?

  • azizoid 1 week ago

    everyone says what is npk, but noone explains how to use it.

  • mahabub alam 1 week ago

    It's really nice hi I am mustafejur Rahman I live in Bangladesh How to create hydroponic neutrons without masterblend The Nutrition that you show is not available in my country So how can I create it? You'll be grateful to post a video about this.

  • Shreeram Dangal 1 week ago

    hi sir I am stay in Nepal. I am alos doing hydroponics i have available npk like is 7 13 34 and attach zine 5% it work hydroponics.

  • schwein livestocks 1 week ago

    Hi very informative vedio brother. I am looking nutrients for hydroponic fodder system (maize,barley,millets,wheat and other stuff)can we have any specific composition of all 17 nutrients. Thanks in advance

  • Eduardo Armenta 1 week ago

    was that last part 9:28 "beyall " from the Chappell show lol

  • Bakthavathsal Kadambi 1 week ago

    Excellent narrative and informative video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vahid Fatahian 1 week ago

    Imagine our world without microbe smelling shit, i recommend before you talk about microbes just study a very basic about microbe activity and their roles in our life and planet

  • Vahid Fatahian 1 week ago

    The question is all theses synthetic agro chemical safe for our health ?

  • Jeb Gardener 1 week ago

    Great start Ethan! Always nice to see someone new on here.

  • infamous ff9 1 week ago

    good god. move the teleprompter in front of ethan. tell him to stop being a bobble head and yall need to improve your audio treatment(it sounds like shit, alot of bg fq). Honestly seems like bright's video production, skill and output went way down. get it together guys

  • M Dastur 1 week ago

    hi, very well explained..please can you tell me if i can put the granules of NPK in water and dilute it or do i have to use it in granular form only. thanks

  • Luis Eduardo Gómez de Aranda Junco 1 week ago

    Very nice as always!

    I strongly recommend using Autodosers if you want a consistent, uniform product.

  • jum462 1 week ago

    I also really like hydroponics, can be seen my chanel

  • San Hess 1 week ago

    The numbers are not accurate to base what it is precent is. Confused? For example '
    Company Xyz sale a product of 75, 20, 75,
    You will be get only the actual product of 19, 5, 19, as analysis of true product

  • Andy Baciocco 1 week ago

    how long do you suggest letting the system cycle before adding the plants

  • DJ SICK__BOY 1 week ago

    dont smell bad !!!!!    mine smell poo  not so strong but it have this type of smell

  • veggedout 1 week ago

    @Hydroponics4Dummies What's the deal with all the "hydroponics starter kit" spam?

  • murissan 1 week ago

    @HerbalixPro What hydroponic starter kits?

  • growerman42 1 week ago

    @boombaklot don't know what you're talking about.

    Iguana Juice is the only organic that's actually clean enough to run in hydroponics. It doesn't clog, that's what makes it different.

  • boombaklot 1 week ago

    works good though just to thick and stinky for hydro but works great now that i am back in soil

  • boombaklot 1 week ago

    dont use iguana juice in aeroponic/bubbleponic systems, i used it in an bubbleponic system and it clogged up my air stones, also smells like shit lol

  • StanwoodSpartans 1 week ago

    Iguana juice contains b vitamins

  • Sorry Stephen mate, how come you talk with an american accent now anyway?

  • hugetom80s 1 week ago

    I didn't know it had become cool to make fun of people who talk differently than you do.

    How very enlightened of you.

    If we looked for your other comments would we find you making funny of the swollen bellies those silly starving African kids have? Perhaps in your spare time you can go play catch with some coma patients.

    That'd be a hoot, wouldn't it?

  • I didn't know Stephen Hawkings was doing voice overs now.

  • veggedout 1 week ago

    sounds cool
    ima have to ask my guy bout this

  • Kultiv8or 1 week ago

    I'm building a DWC setup just to try this stuff out. I got so many people asking me if I've got organic produce that I just can't ignore it anymore. There's some serious bucks in that organics craze.

  • hugetom80s 1 week ago

    Yeah, let's all make fun of the guy who talks different. Won't that be a hoot.

    Jeez man, get a life.