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Nutrient management is the crux of a healthy hydroponic system. (Read the article: ) For even more information about Hydroponic Nutrients, enroll in our Upstart University program and check out our Hydroponics Nutrients & Fertilizers course at Great nutrient management occurs when growers are: 1) Aware of all necessary plant nutrients and where they come from 2) Supplying adequate nutrients in correct ratios to plants 3) Monitoring and measuring how much of each plant nutrient is available in their system at any given time 4) Making economic and work-flow conscious decisions about how to source and supply nutrients. Most plants (and all of the crop plants that you’re likely to grow) rely on 16 nutrients to grow and reproduce. Of these, three are available through water uptake and gas exchange (the air): Carbon through CO2, hydrogen, and oxygen. The remaining thirteen nutrients are the mineral nutrients delivered to plants through nutrient solutions (dissolved fertilizer). The overall nutrient level in a solution is measured in EC, or electrical conductivity.The units used to measure EC are ppm or mS/cm, although ppm is used more commonly for measuring total dissolved solids. That’s a different measurement for a different blog post. Hydroponics really need to understand the second unit, mS/cm. This is often just expressed as the “EC level”. (For example, “The EC of the solution is 1.8,” with no unit.) Ideal mS/cm is typically between 1.2 and 3.3. There’s a broad range of acceptable EC levels, and each crop has an ideal range. Supplying the correct ratio of nutrients in adequate levels is only half of the nutrient management picture; the other task for farm managers is to keep those nutrients available to plants, and the main factor influencing that availability is pH. Nutrients are soluble at different pH values. Check […]

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  • MetaView7 2 years ago

    you should always wear a mask when you are dealing with powder

  • Bradley thomas 2 years ago

    This is extremely thorough. Great stuff

  • wong stanley 2 years ago

    Thanks you have make it very simple for me to understand. Well done

  • Mohammed Wasim 2 years ago

    precisely explained in every bit which gives a thought.
    thank u

  • Ahmed Ejaz 2 years ago

    great video… keep it up… best wishes from Pakistan.

  • Tahir Farooq 2 years ago

    Salam(Peace for All) Nice Bro

  • B12770 2 years ago

    If you use soil instead of perlite, do you still need all these additives?

  • Ramiro Arena 2 years ago

    Was sollen eigentlich die ganzen Emotionen?

  • akila dan Dis 2 years ago

    hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about aquaponics course try Tarbetti Amazing Aquaponics Tutor ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.

  • Do these same rules apply to a high pressure aeroponics system? I am debating which system is going to be right for me.

  • David Patton 2 years ago

    Are these fertilizers organic?

  • Ian Rickard 2 years ago

    I was researching nutrients yesterday, and then you post this video. Excellent timing and great content as usual. I would recommend those who read this to look at the Upstart University course as it is very useful for beginners like me and for those who need extra info.

  • Renan Guidini 2 years ago

    good job
    i loved the explanation

  • Robert Qvist 2 years ago

    Im currently been growing super hot chillis Bhut jolokia and carolina reaper for 2 months using hydroponic kratky (and a airstone) And its growing well! 2 feet high bushy and dark green w Lots of small fruits and flowers. So fun 😀
    But my problem now, is I have to adjust PH 2 times daily! keeps raising from ph 5.5 to 7.5 – 8 Do you have the same problem? Im using a 2 gallon bucket, 1 gallon water at 650 ppm. PH down solution is Phosphoric Acid, and my guess is that the plant itself are consuming the Phosphoric acid, which then raises the PH!? Do you know how or if I can solve this ? 🙂

  • Sla Cra 2 years ago

    I watched at least a dozen videos dancing around this topic before watching yours. Very simple, very clear. You have a great way of explaining things. Thank you!

  • ZJhontu1 2 years ago

    Thanks, Bro. Liked. Shared. Subscribed. 😉

  • Jason T 2 years ago

    This answered so many questions I've had and brought a lot of research together. Thanks for posting!

  • BrickMoction1 2 years ago

    This was post on my birthday !!! But I need some hydroponic nutrition for my hydroponic:( I can't find and buy plz

  • NGet TAnn 2 years ago

    Can we use sewed water for Hydrophonic without use any firtilizer

  • Jonathan Daniels 2 years ago

    If i'm doing a more aerated spray in my hydroponic system, would the nutrient solution reach the plants if the nozzles has water droplets at 7 microns?