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Blog Post Here: Whether you’re totally new or just adding on to an existing system, you need overview of all your choices. (Take an in-depth course on grow methods: But first, let’s review the basics of hydroponic design. There are 3 basic parts to almost every hydroponic system: a sump tank (sometimes split into one sump tank and one mixing tank), a growing container, and a pump. The Kratky method is one exception to this – it keeps the solution in the growing container with no pump and uses a measured amount of formulated solution. There are 5 main types of systems that use and arrange these parts in different ways: DWC – Deep water culture. DWC systems use a floating raft to hold plants over a solution tank. This is great for tropical regions because of the great temperature stability in the root zone but can have problems with dissolved oxygen levels. NFT – Nutrient film technique. NFT systems use a series of shallow troughs and are very common method in greenhouses on a single horizontal plane. It’s cheap to build up front but not very space efficient. ZipGrow – ZipGrow and other vertical tower systems use vertical planes to grow in 3-dimensional space rather than a single horizontal plane. These types of systems are more space efficient with lower operating costs, though upfront costs tend to be higher. Aeroponic – Aeroponic systems grow plants primarily in air, using a fine mist to deliver solution to plant roots. Aeroponics are cool and can be cost effective, but are a nightmare to manage. Media-based – Media based systems are any system that uses an aggregate or fiber media in a container. These could be media beds and Bato buckets are the two most common methods here. These are […]

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  • oafking 6 months ago

    anyone touch their nose while watching this?

  • spnkurbtch 6 months ago

    Stupid question but if your going to use a media in hydroponics why not just soil?

  • Dominique Dupont 6 months ago

    You're amazing, thank you. I'm a chemical engineer, and finally, someone who is solid on science and all the processses.

  • Fantasyzheavenz 6 months ago

    am i the only one having a problem seeing the board ?. its too bright

  • Very clear man. Thanks

  • Andy Baciocco 6 months ago

    Good stuff!  Thanks for putting these videos out there!

  • dan63631 6 months ago

    great vid thanks
    what is the best system for outdoor ?

  • piyush piyush 6 months ago

    plz sir haido ponik ka 1 vidio hindi legvej me betaiye or watar me keya keya milana he ye betaiye

  • InnocentPhoto 6 months ago

    I'm using smartpots and I rly love them. Also the taste of a grow in a
    good soil mix. But I would like to use the benefits of hydroponics.
    Could it be possible to use the benefits of soil and hydro together? I
    already have tested it for a week, with massive overwatering my Soil in
    the Smartpots and had also a massiv root growth outside the pots. They
    looked rly healthy and I had a good growth of my plants, without any
    overwatering damage, even my Soil was 24/7 moist and well watered . But I
    dont know if its worth or a good idea to invest in a Hydro System for
    Soil potting. The most people say its stupid and a waste of money, but
    the roots looked so good, they ware so long and white and I think this
    could be much better if the water was recycling. In my setting the water
    stood in my container, with my Smartpots.

  • rsdntevl 6 months ago

    Perfect video for an overview!

  • Daniel Witzel 6 months ago

    nice to see kratky mentioned, totally understand it not being a commercial option, but excellent for a new hobbyist

  • David Atienza 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for this. This really helps

  • Vahid Fatahian 6 months ago

    Please give me a reason why aeroponics not effective in commercial scale, thanks for the video

  • Aaron 6 months ago

    you mentioned "Able.egg". I can not find it could you please attach a link to this video

  • Fire It Up! 6 months ago

    As usual, quality information for the community. Please keep it up. Great videos.

  • Martin Fick 6 months ago

    What an inspiration!

  • Forgot about Dutch Buckets?

  • Sally Zein 6 months ago

    Keep these vids coming!

  • Gamer 49 6 months ago

    Ever talk to Elon about mars? I'm a big fan (:.