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The 99 women of the Mari (Tillabery region of Niger) garden cooperative had a large but problematic garden — not enough water, no fence to keep out animals, and lack of experience limited the garden’s output. It’s the hungry season in Niger, water brings the ground to life, RAIN brings the equipment and harnesses the women’s passion to create a future food source for these rural nomadic women and their families. People are suffering from food shortages throughout Niger — help RAIN bring the long-term solution of successful farming to families in the Sahel. To support RAIN’s campaign for direct food aid to nomadic families and their livestock in Niger, visit us on to share and donate: Related PostsFarm to School: Gardening enhances nutrition and learning for studentsLEARNING GARDENING WITH MJLearning gardening lessons… 2008LEARNING GARDENING WITH MJLearning GardeningLEARNING GARDENING WITH MJ

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