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  • Casey Stebnitz 8 months ago

    I never knew there were so many streetwalkers in Appleton I don't ever see them.

  • Dammm they put the brother face 1st & last lol

  • Ium Stuff 8 months ago

    good work !

  • bronxmosthated1 8 months ago

    Prostitution should be legal and regulated

  • Mark Garduno 8 months ago


  • Derrick Veal 8 months ago

    Nasty STDS

  • gohn k 8 months ago

    How exactly does having this law do good for our country? Really think about it though.

  • sirvando vargas 8 months ago

    When is government poeple gonna keep they're noses out of sticking them where they have no business. Don't consenting adults have natural rights and desires? California started Taxing Cows for giving off Hot Air last year. Are poeple next? Will we have to go thru a Smog Check like our cars? Will we get a discount for strapping on a Muffler to our backs? Why government won't stop the Pedoghilia going on with Government poeple? Seems , it's all about keeping Cops busy.

  • Raymond Barrey 8 months ago

    That's why I never use social media. I always use a pimp.

  • William Cronin 8 months ago

    The most dangerous place to stand in Florida, between any TV camera and Sheriff Grady Judd.

  • Hugfactory 8 months ago

    Hopefully one of the 98 that got arrested was a pedophile. If not then it's a hopeless cause!

  • Chicago Chicago 8 months ago

    i wish i had a job as a decoy

  • Suraj Patil 8 months ago

    2:22 Look at a white guy complaining about indentured servitude. It is not illegal to pay someone to spend an hour of their time with you. And whatever you do during that hour is purely consensual, and there is no requirement or obligation, and the payee is allowed to refuse any request. Usually prostitution stings are done so a police chief, or politician can go around waving the flag of morality like in this case. Not because there is an actual issue. The arresting officer would have to word things in such a way as to request a transaction for an illegal service.

  • Mr.C survival 8 months ago

    Who gives a fuck

  • Robert Mcgee 8 months ago

    Crime is associated with anything that prohibited. If they really cared about the negative aspects of prostitution they would legalize it. Pimps and criminals can make the rules or it can be legit and run as a regulated business with inspections, medical checks, etc.

  • renaissance man 7 months ago

    Everyone pays for it. Everyone. Even women.

  • John Sweeney 7 months ago

    She had hepatitis ‘ she said SHIT can you catch that twice.

  • Nekros 7 months ago

    Legalize it and put that cop in jail.

  • Coressa Fischer 7 months ago

    They are just horny