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By the year 2050 world’s population will increase by around 2 billion(Total 9.7 billion) and by the year 2100 it will increase by around 3.5 billion(Total 11.2 billion), says United Nations’ population report. And feeding that will be a huge challenge for humanity. We have already lost 1/3rd of arable lands in the last 40 years and we don’t know how much we are going to loose in the next 40 to 80 years. With an increase in masses and decrease in arable lands poses a great threat to mankind. Scientists belive, vertical farming technology is the solution for this threat. Vertical Farming Technology Uses No Soil & 95% Less Water.
There are many high tech farming companies operating across the world. In USA, Japan, France, Singapore and UK. USA based aerofarms company claims that its tech methods uses 95% less water, no soil and 0 pesticides in comparison to traditional agriculture farming. Aerofarms company uses its artificial intelligence technology to make vertical farming work. Global vertical farming market is growing fast. Japan has already started around 200 vertical farming factories and China 80. By the year 2050 80% of world’s population will be living in urban areas. Is the vertical farming is the future of agriculture? What is vertical farming? How vertical farming technology works? What are advantages and disadvantages of vertical farming technology? Will it become mainstream very soon? Let’s find out in this episode!

95% कम पानी और मिट्टी के बिना खेती! | Future Vertical Farming Tech Will Use No Soil & 95% Less Water

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