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First run with soil (I’m a hydroponics lover) under 2 Spectrum King 600+ led lights (more then enough light) started 11/20/2016 and on day 12 of flower weed plant clones indoor grown – See more at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics Store Legally Grows Medicine More Valuable than Weed aka CannabisHydroponics – Hydroponic Marijuana Growing – Hydro Weed Grow How To – 16Hydroponic Marijuana Growing Cabinets for Indoor Weed CultivationIndoor Hydroponic Weed Growing Chamber For Easier Home Marijuana Growingbudding weed plants growing marijuana outdoors for beginners indica plant#2 Hydroponic Gardening – Grow Organic Plants Fast / Hydroponic growing in my house, Cambodia

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  • Captain Kind Bud 8 months ago

    Praying = Healthy, nuf said….

  • John Smith 8 months ago

    sick. can't wait to see your results. been following everyone with that SK600.
    I hit between 2-3 lbs so far per light. trying to see if this is the gavita game changer.