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Please watch: “Best Indoor Flowering Plants | Indoor Plants To Grow” –~– #indoorplants #plantstogrowathome #potgardening 1. Avocado While growing with an avocado pit is the easiest option, this is not considered by many people because they cannot grow edible fruit. If you want to sow and eat what it will bear, it is best to buy a dwarf plant that is available commercially. As it is grown 2. Peppers In order to grow peppers, it is required that you have a warm temperature in the household and that there is a spot that receives light from the sun, such as the windowsill. While there are many types of this plant, some of the most commonly grown indoors are banana peppers and cherry peppers. 3. Lettuce Are you a salad lover? If that is the case, then you must consider planting lettuce indoors. You only have a window that faces on the southern direction, which will provide the plant with abundant sunlight. For the plant to thrive, you will need to have moist soil, which should be also well-drained. 4. Basil If you love herbs, you have a good reason to plant basil. This will also make a good addition to your salad or for making aromatic oils and for plating in order to make the food more appealing. It can be easily grown in a container as long as you have the right kind of fertile soil. 5. Carrots To plant this vegetable, you simply need to buy carrot seeds and a pot. Make sure that they are pressed gently and covered with thin soil afterwards. For best results, do not forget to keep the moisture in the soil through watering. 6. Mandarin Oranges The little fruits that will grow from this tree, when consumed, will provide the body […]




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