Grab some raised beds to start your 2021 garden off right: – there are so many mistakes that a new gardener can make that will result in poor harvests or even NO harvests. Here are 9 of the ones I think most beginners run into at some point or another!

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – #1: Inconvenient Location
1:42 – #2: Planting in Poor Light
3:09 – #3: Too Far From Water
4:34 – #4: Not Mulching
6:05 – #5: Not Preparing Soil
8:01 – #6: Planting Things You Hate To Eat
9:09 – #7: Planting Too Close Together
10:24 – #8: Planting At The Wrong Time
12:09 – #9: Not Asking For Help


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9 Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid 😱 ❌

About The Author


  • Kat A

    Decided to start gardening to help de-stress and LOVE these videos. Voice is so soothing I’m playing at night to help with Insomnia. ❤️

  • Jr Sanchez

    I want to start a career on farming but wanr to start by gardening and get some experience before making it big… also lots of studying the most important part thanks for the tips hopefully I'll be able to grow lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • Backyard Columbus

    I love your videos 🙂 I'm going to add your channel to my educational lineup each month so I can keep learning! I've been gardening a long time, but there's always more to learn and time goes by so quickly that last season's mistakes often get repeated another year or two because I didn't take the time to "learn a little more". Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Now I'm gonna check out your store 🙂

  • Christine Everett

    Sounds like me I like to grow new things for the love of the growth . Getting my hand into purple Cherokee tomatoes this year had some on a BLT in Dallas Texas and it was the best tomato ever !!! Thanks for your tip on growing tomatoes.

  • Sydney Butler

    Could you use dirty chicken coop litter as a mulch/fertilizer? I put a layer of it down at the end of the gardening season up in CT(I'm in zone 7a if that helps at all) in hopes that it would add some nutrients and provide some protection.

  • Gabriel Long

    Live in Florida and if I have free seeds or what have you I just grow it when ever. I have potatoes growing all year just from excess that I have that starts to grow in the pantry.

  • Whiteeagle

    In my garden, wasp orchis grow naturally.
    So my soil will certainly not be polluted, otherwise it wouldn't grow.

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