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  • sabiha Ali 6 months ago

    Very good idea

  • romsi Mam 6 months ago

    Very nice idea Manju ji. Saves a lot of space and looks unique too.

  • manoj suman 6 months ago

    super mem

  • ABC of Gardening and All 6 months ago

    Manju ji bahut khub .

  • Sakshi Luthra 6 months ago

    Nice video

  • Navneet Sekhon 6 months ago

    Nice planter mam☺

  • Madhu Mehta 6 months ago

    Hi Manju ji. Please post a video about how to grow more leaves on fruit trees. My chiku tree has very less leaves on it

  • Pollywood Artists 6 months ago

    Mam ap punjab mein rehte ho ??

  • Vandana Anand 6 months ago

    Namaste ji aapka planter bahut useful hai. Sweet pea ke seeds kab lagay please batay.

  • Simple Gardening with archimage effect 6 months ago

    the amazing thing in jhansi-manju ji is you do not have the need to grow even the winter flowers because in your area they are annuals haaaaaa

  • shaista naaz 6 months ago

    Kiya aap gobar ka khad Ghar me banati hai ? I tried searching from your videos but mujhe mila nahi.

  • Simple Gardening with archimage effect 6 months ago

    beautiful as usual manju ji—you are a master of art.

  • Dinesh Padhye 6 months ago

    Very nice.

  • musarat khan 6 months ago

    Buht hi zabardast goodwork

  • Sameera Chughtai 6 months ago

    ما شا ء اللہ

    بہت اچھا اور بڑی محنت سے بنایا ھے

    اللہ جزاۓ خیر دے امین ثم امین

  • Rani Khan 6 months ago

    Nice….ap is planter mein kaisi poting mix dalengi aur plants kaun se lagayengi….is pe puri video bana k dikhaiyega plz.. thanku so much

  • Qaiser Ali 6 months ago

    ap bht dimg khrb krti h jldi kch v ni blti h