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🌿 Join the Pixel Biology Community • 🌿 Seri’s Greenhouse • The Vlog Channel • 🌿 Dive Into An Adventure! • Specimen Spotlights! • • UHShe 2016 Easter Special Playlist • HOLY GODDESS COWS our community has hit another huge milestone!! And what better way to celebrate than with PLANTS?! All hail the new goldfish plant and its adorable goldfish flowers! Fun plants and huge milestones aside it has been a very busy week for us: we had a storm that killed our electricity for a day, our carbon monoxide alarm went off for quite a while (thankfully it was just broken) and worried us that we would die from invisible gas another day, and then I managed to get my irritating chronic fevers and was laid out flat in bed and delirious for a couple days. BOO! But life here in Michigan has settled in wonderfully. It quite honestly feels like Chips and I moved into a place that was always home the fit is just so natural – especially now that I have my living wall built! Huzzah for the comfort of plants and the power to create a world and life we really love with our own two hands! • 🐾 • Pixel Biology Guides & Goodies • 🐾 • —————————————-­­———————————— 🌿 Etsy Shop • 🌿 PO Box Status & Snail Mail Vlogs • 🌿 Pixel Biology Library • – Our awesome ever-expanding Google Docs library with information about our more complex series, characters, and secrets! • 🐾 • Contact Information • 🐾 • —————————————-­­———————————— 🌿 Fanmail E-mail • 🌿 Business E-mail • 🌿 Twitter • 🌿 Facebook • 🌿 Instagram • • 🐾 • Seri! Pixel Biologist! • 🐾 • —————————————-­­———————————— • Seri is […]

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  • Pifilix XIV 1 year ago

    congratulations on 800000 and please can you update the adress please i am waiting since july to send to you

  • magicalbush kitten 1 year ago


  • Ky Ky Rodriguez 1 year ago

    I'd just like to say that you're one of the most heartfelt people I know. It's really refreshing to watch someone just be real for a while. :)

  • Zsahari Bazzari 1 year ago

    lavender, dexter, miles does any one remember when she was making this series

  • Katie Fry 1 year ago

    I don't want to make other warrior cats fans mad, but do you think you could make the warrior cat videos a little shorter? I love that series, and I'm not saying I don't want to watch it. I just simply don't have time to watch it because of school and homework. Shortening the videos might also save a bit of time. Also congratulations on 80,000!

  • Sharon Kofoed 1 year ago

    LOVE the living wall!  And congrats on the milestone!!!  That is SUCH a cute plant!  A fun name would be Bubbles!  Hope your week is free of Kitten Days!  Rotating the schedule like that sounds like a good way to tackle things…good luck!   Ooooh…regular DS only or 3DS also?  I would love to hear what you think of any of the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games that are out (can't wait for SoS:ToT to come out!)!  Hometown Story (3DS) is also fun!  On the fantasy side, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a good game!  And the footage I've seen from E3 about EverOasis looks promising!  Has school started up for Chips?  The university where I work just started up today…SO weird to have a bunch of students in the library again! :P

  • Isabella Hopper 1 year ago

    Seri do you know ldshadowlady??

  • Tumbling Taylor 1 year ago

    Can you name one darthy

  • Lil Catgirl 1 year ago

    seri are u bringing back twinbark town???????????????????????????????

  • FieryWingedAngel 1 year ago

    I think your plan for scheduling is pretty good honestly. Especially if you start the month off with an update about which series are going to be more prominent that month. You already put out way more content then most of the other youtubers I watch (although in some cases they also do livestreaming, which does take time away from video making.) But I think if I can be patient with them I can definitely be patient in regards to your uploads. I think your Sims content is probably my favorite with Minecraft coming up at a close second. But i've also really been enjoying Abzu, Stardew Valley and No Man's Sky. Pokemon go was pretty cool too and i'd be excited to see you do more pokemon related stuff in general. (I've pretty much grown up with pokemon so I think its a cartoon/game i'll always love.) Beyond that, I don't have too many other game suggestions as some of my other favorites are more appropriate for an older age group (and I can get my fill of things like Skyrim or Dragon Age from other youtubers.)

    I suppose my only other question is if you might consider doing more collaborations? (I think i've said before that the UHSHE you did was really cool) but i'm aware that it's probably very difficult with the huge schedule you have. Anyway, your plants are very lovely, and I especially like that your newest one looks like its in a tree stump.

    And…thank you for caring so much about our opinions and what we would like to see. I'm a pretty big proponent of letting people play what they want. But at the same time there's a balance you have to try and strike when its your career. So its really awesome to know that you genuinely want to work towards finding that balance between what you like and what your viewers like.

  • Rhianna zawel 1 year ago

    I'm not trying to be rude but are you going to ever tell us your real name if not then how come?

  • Madeleine Steidler 1 year ago

    Hello! Awesome video, great idea to alternate series. I was also wondering if Pokemon Go will return.

  • Palitato 1 year ago

    We're happy when you're happy. So do what makes you happy and it'll spread. 🙂

    Also, you mentioned you found Phil. Once you set the PO box up, I'll send someone along to collect him. That darn cat.
    Was he napping in a box?! I bet he was napping in a box.

  • Ryu 22 1 year ago

    Seri u should make a schedule for playing games or a break or something

  • Gurl Of Minecraft 1 year ago

    Could you do daily Star Stable in September? September 15th is my birthday so I want my favorite series daily in my favorite month! xD

  • Dodoraptor and other animals 1 year ago

    I remember that when I started to focus on certain YouTubers you were the first.
    I made a great choice.
    You are my favorite YouTuber

  • kokaykay 1 year ago

    The rotating monthly series thing sounds interesting. Maybe you could still do some videos of the off series but only once or twice on the off months, so then people can still have a hold over video until the series they like comes back to more frequently. (you know if that works with scheduling?) I do find that with all the series I watch of yours sometimes I get behind and have to play catch up, so I'm looking forward to the monthly changes so maybe I won't have to play catch up too much.
    On another note I love the living wall I think it looks great. There is less glare from the bird light which makes it easier to see them, they're so cute. Sorry if this is a little incoherent I'm a little sick and my brain is a bit blah.