8 Vertical Farming Towers Reviewed

Reviewing 8 different vertical growing towers you can use on your balcony or in your greenhouse. Vertical farming towers grow more plants in less space. 8 vertical farming towers reviewed in this video.

00:00 Introduction
01:37 Chapter 1 – Trellis/Fence/Cages/Stakes
02:40 Chapter 2 – Stackable Pots
03:34 Chapter 3 – 55 Gallon Composting Barrel
04:37 Chapter 4 – Upside-down Pots
05:34 Chapter 5 – Hydroponic Towers
06:37 Chapter 6 – Aeroponic Towers
07:37 Chapter 7 – Stacked Horizontal System
08:38 Chapter 8 – Window Farms

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Window Farms

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8 Vertical Farming Towers Reviewed

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  • Rob Arandjelovic

    Cool video, thanks! I'm a bit of a lazy tech guy, and have zero gardening skills, so I went with a super simple solution from Just Vertical. I'm still growing the seedlings and haven't had the chance to transfer yet, but it seems like the perfect solution for people like me who like the idea of home gardens but don't have the skills, time, or patience for it. Have you heard of them, and if so, what are your thoughts?

  • Jay Silence

    What you don't understand is that plants need light to grow. Photons equal biomass. Only because you stack more plants does not automatically mean you are producing more plant mass.
    Seven photons make one sugar molecules.
    Not saying vertical towers can not be handy and make sense in some applications. But it is more complicated that simply stacking. The towers are producing quite a lot of shade.

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