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here are 8 such Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow Again and Again in your garden. Do you throw your garlic-bulbs out once they start to sprout? What about your potatoes when they get a little wrinkly? How about ginger-root that sits out on the counter too long? Well, you could be getting a lot more value out of your produce than you may realize! Many popular edibles can be regrown from the scraps you’re likely throwing-out. Keep watching for a list of veggie scraps you will want to hang on to, from here on out. 1.Basil Basil is a breeze to propagate. Simply take some healthy, fresh, 4-inch cuttings from a young basil plant. Leave just two sets of leaves at the top of each cutting, and remove the remaining leaves. Then, submerge the cuttings in a few inches of clean-water. It may take between 1-2 weeks for roots to form after which Plant it in a small-pot for the windowsill, or out in your garden.  2.Mint Another herb worth growing from cuttings is mint. Much like basil, you’ll want cuttings about 4 to 5 inches in length. Remove lower leaves and place the cuttings in clean-water. Once roots develop, Transfer to a container filled with potting-soil.  3.Green Onions and Scallions Do you love to toss some green-onions on just about everything? Buy them once, and then grow them from the scraps on a windowsill. Place the root leftover from the green-onions in a couple of inches of water.  And in just a few days you’ll notice roots form but also the leaves will start to grow. Continue to harvest while in water, or plant in a container of potting-soil. 4.Ginger Root Have you ever bought ginger-root and noticed little buds forming? Plant it! You’ll have fresh ginger to […]

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    super ideas

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    Amazing information thq n big like…..

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    Cool video. Very helpful. Thank you so much. I will share with my students and staff in Vietnam!

  • Jason Marcus 7 months ago

    so uhhh I just took a random branch from my tomato plant and shoved it in the ground before watching this. I will be amazed if it survives XD

  • AZLAN POTATO 7 months ago

    You don’t need soil to grow plants

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    Hi, Watch Most Satisfying Video of Mother Nature

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    Very Nice video thank you

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    Thank a lot. Now i see why my celery end rot. I submerged in water the end and part of the stakes. In the video you suspended the celery with toothpicks, so the stakes don't touch the water. I'm going to do that

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    Hi . The mint is isy but ather Vegas not graw isy and diy

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    Omg thx my mom happy she say im very smart for doing this

  • Aleisha Stewart Hubbucks 7 months ago

    I love everything herbs, plants and gardening! You might be interested in Isabell Shipard’s book ‘How can I use Herbs in my daily life?’

  • Abdul Ghous 7 months ago

    can someone tell the time these veggies need to grow? for all of them. specially that green onion.

  • Michelle Garfield 7 months ago

    The company I work for has put a class together that we will be offering online. We would like to use this video in it if we can. It shows your channel and gives you credit for the video still. It's just great information that we would like to share. Please let us know, thank you!

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