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Get your life together with the Nifty Organization Journal: Here is what you’ll need! 8 Things You Can Upcycle Into Planters Wine Cork Magnet Planter Materials Drill Drill bits Magnet Hot glue gun Glue Instructions Drill hole into cork. Make the hole wide and deep enough for soil. Glue magnet onto cork. Use two magnets if needed. Soda Can Planter Materials Soda can Knife Nail Hammer Instructions Remove top of soda can with a knife. Make holes for water drainage at the bottom of the can with a nail and hammer. Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starter Materials Toilet paper roll Scissors Instructions Cut toilet paper roll in half (or 1 paper towel roll into fourths). Fold in twice to create creases and form into box shape with four corners. Cut slits about ½ inch down the sides on each of the four corners to create 4 flaps. Fold down each flap, overlapping as you go, and fold the last flap under like you would a box to keep it together. There should be a small hole at the bottom of the container for drainage. Tin Can Planter Materials Tin can Nail Hammer Acrylic paint or spray paint Instructions Make holes for drainage at the bottom of the tin can with nail and hammer. Paint tin can with acrylic paint or spray paint. Let dry. Soda Bottle Planter Materials Soda bottle Knife Scissors Paint Marker Instructions Cut soda bottle in half with knife or scissors. We will be using the bottom half. If desired, save top half to make a hanging planter. Paint soda bottle. Let dry. Add rocks to assist with water drainage. If desired, use marker to add more designs. Hanging Soda Bottle Planter Materials Soda bottle Knife Scissors Hole puncher String Instructions Cut soda bottle in half […]

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  • Rachel Salz 1 week ago

    I like it

  • Nha Trang Life 1 week ago

    Good video

  • Tom Smith 1 week ago

    if your actually going to garden every single one of these is useless!

  • Atiq Shah 1 week ago

    Many of the chanal have done this allready

  • _Paws_ 1 week ago

    0:58 That is just brilliant.

  • The IGN Bird 1 week ago

    Well… nice try is all i can say

  • Noah R. 1 week ago

    Air plants with the wine corks would be better

  • Kye Talks 1 week ago

    I'll stick to my egg carton seed starters… thanks…

  • Kathleen Kelly 1 week ago

    Thank you! This is the most helpful video that I've come across to foster ideas for growing plants while recycling and repurposing!

  • parinita Ujoodha 1 week ago

    Thank you. Very creative and helpful video.

  • game search 1 week ago

    that's amazing

  • Manisha Bhabar 1 week ago

    खुप छान ….

  • Katie Hoese 1 week ago

    I don't think you should do the cork one with a succulent… not enough drainage

  • vacuum 1 week ago

    The soda can one looks super cool

  • Haven Valentine 1 week ago

    Some of these are way too small for plants.. yes, some plants may appear small like succulents but they need room to grow their roots!

  • ImTryingToBeA BetterPerson 1 week ago

    A toilet paper roll?? Really? Embarrassing for you actually. Someone's really desperate to release vids

  • Anna Augustinová 1 week ago

    Poor plants..

  • Camobugaj 1 week ago

    This is so nifty!