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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: 8 House is a 61,000 square meter bowtie-shaped mixed-use building of three different types of residential housing and 10,000 square meters of retail and offices which comprise Denmark’s largest private development ever undertaken. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), 8 House sits on the outer edge of Copenhagen as the southernmost outpost of Ørestad. 8 House stacks all ingredients of a lively urban neighborhood into horizontal layers of typologies connected by a continuous promenade and cycling path up to the 10th floor, creating a three-dimensional urban neighborhood where suburban life merges with the energy of a big city. With spectacular views towards the Copenhagen Canal and over Kalvebod Fælled’s protected, open spaces, 8 House not only offers residences to people in all of life’s stages as well as office spaces to the city’s business and trade – it also serves as a house that allows people to bike all the way from the ground floor to the top, moving alongside townhouses with gardens winding through an urban perimeter block. Two 32 degree-sloping green roofs are strategically placed to reduce the urban heat island effect as well as provide the visual identity to the project and tying it back to the adjacent farmlands towards the south. Using pre-vegetated mats from Veg Tech AS, the build-up is about 4 cm, which includes an installed irrigation system. In addition, 100 individual semi-intensive, 1-square meter gardens with planters from ZinCo were planted on the terraces, installed by MALMOS. Originally, the entire roof was designed as a continuous green roof, yet due to the economic climate only the lower portions were greened. The shape of the building allows for daylighting and natural ventilation for all units. In addition, rainwater is collected and […]

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