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THANK FOR WATCHING! 👍 If you like our video don’t forget to press the button “Subscribe ❤️” and “Like 👍” !! 👍 Subscribe and View more here: =============================================== We all know how easy it’s to maintain life in succulents. They have an unique ability to store water so you don’t need to water them very often. That makes them perfect for growing indoors. For an outdoor garden, you need to live in a warm climate. It doesn’t really matter if there is low rainfall in your location or not. Succulents grow well as in deserts as in coastal locales. They are really popular to grow in containers because it’s easier to create beautiful fat plant compositions in harmonious colors there. Besides, you can add a lot of things in these containers like driftwood and stones to make a succulent container garden really beautiful and interesting. Indoor Succulent Gardens When growing succulents indoors you need to remember two things. You shouldn’t overwater them and you should allow them to get as much sunlight as possible. If you won’t put them on a windowsill you might want to choose succulents that prefer low lighting. It’d be much easier to achieve success with them. Although you should now, that there are many options when you’re creating an indoor succulent garden. You can simply put them in a large planter or container and make a beautiful composition of them. Although you can also create a beautiful vertical wall that looks like a real art piece. Below you’ll find lots of ideas to create a perfect little indoor garden. Outdoor Succulent Gardens Even though growing in containers is the most popular way to grow succulents you can use them in your landscape too. There are many groundcover and specimen plants available for every situation. […]

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  • Autumn leaves 1 year ago

    What kind is 2:15 the tall on the left?

  • Garden Ideas 1 year ago


  • Ruthie's Succulent Obsession 1 year ago

    What beautiful ideas. I love them. I have liked and subscribed to your channel. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mark McFortune 1 year ago

    Very awesome impressions and ideas. Thanks alot for sharing them with us. To see the beauty of nature used to create art is quite mesmerizing. Keep doing this good work.

  • Mark McFortune 1 year ago

    Very awesome ideas and impressions. Thanks alot for sharing it with us. To see the beautiy of nature used to create art is quite mesmerizing.