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There are so many reasons why we love gardens and gardening. Here are 7 more, specially for your kids. Would you like more? Gardening is about more than just growing plants, it is the perfect time to grow little minds and imaginations as well. A garden is also ideal for teaching your children some valuable lessons in a way that is fun and exciting, as well as hands on and entertaining! Here are 7 lessons from your garden for your children: 1. Planning is important. You can’t just dig a hole and start throwing seeds in, you have to plan your garden ahead of time. Allow children to give input as far as what they want to see in the garden. By being prepared, you can plant a garden that best suits your needs. Give your child a notebook or scrap paper to start writing down ideas. 2. Too much of a good thing is harmful. While plants needs water, fertilizer and sun, too much can be harmful. Over indulging can cause the plant to not thrive and eventually die. The same goes for life. We can’t over indulge on any one thing or it will eventually hurt us. Talk to children about the importance of balance and how it makes a huge difference to the garden. 3 Living things need to be nurtured. In order for a plant to produce fruit, it must be nurtured. It need to be fed, watered, and tended to daily or it simply won’t thrive. That goes for all living things on our planet, we must care for them and nurture them or we won’t get the results we expect. Invite children to be nurturing by allowing them to water and feed plants if possible. 4. Basic math is a must. Math is used […]

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