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  • Sj Smith 1 week ago

    I am in S. Calif and can vary from zone 8b to 9b… which means nearly all year I can grow some food. Heat of late Summer is my struggle/dormant time.
    1) Take the garden from hobby to functional.
    2) Larger area: Decide on just a few items for storage, relishes or canning, and sharing.
    3) Small patches: Plan for at least three green items at all times, and three to five other colors at all times (includes fruit from trees) for fresh eating.

  • Jennifer Ingram 1 week ago

    1. Build a mini high tunnel to extend my season and be able to have more productive warm season vegetables.
    2. Learn more about fruit bearing perennial bushes and trees for my area and plan wher in my garden they will do well and start planting at least 3.
    3. Expand into harder to grow vegetables to increase my gardening knowledge and experience.

  • Monica Garcia 1 week ago

    Grow vertically
    Use spare space between crops
    Increase composting

  • Pat Gentry 1 week ago

    Sounds like a Good Idea! I’m signed up! 3 Goals: Minimize pests, Make the Spaces as beautiful as possible, Provide pollinator plants in abundance.

  • Clive Fenn 1 week ago

    Just wanted to add the easiest way of making a digital copy of a paper plan is to take a photo of it rather than trying to master drawing it in Paint or some other program.

  • Henriette Duven 1 week ago

    My 3 garden goals:
    1. Get my garden started
    2. Create a place where I can get down by working
    3. Try to grow my favorite veggies in a good system of mixed culture

  • Jamie Maddrell 1 week ago

    My goals are

    1. To learn more about no till/organic farming

    2. Be more wild when it comes to varieties of things to grow/eat.

    3. Also interested learning more about how to attract bee’s as well as using worms


    Great ideas ! Thank you

  • alex sandra 1 week ago

    sustainability, enough for 2 of us, lerning

  • Fredau Hoekstra 1 week ago

    Thanks for the video.
    (It's still January 12th here in Canada)
    This will be our first time gardening in our new house in Saskatchewan, Canada. Zone 3B. Have come from a 6A zone so this is a year of new discoveries.

    My 3 gardening goals:
    – Feed my family
    – Enjoy 'me' time in the garden
    – Create a beautiful space with lots of colour and variety around the house

  • Kimberly May 1 week ago

    Not sure if it's too late to enter. Either way, these are my goals:
    1. Increase garden size by 2x
    2. Plant heirloom varieties to save the seeds.
    3. Start seedling indoor and transplant

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Tammie Turner 1 week ago

    Grow enough tomatoes, peppers and onion to preserve enough for the the year for my family
    Figure out the timing of seeding so I can have a fall/winter garden instead of just a summer garden
    Learn the nutrient needs of sweet row sweet potatoes so i can grow them for storage for winter

  • Melissa Gannon 1 week ago

    My 3 goals
    Move my autumn raspberries to a better location
    Grow eggplant
    Git rid of a monster rose bush freeing up an additional 50 square feet of growing space

  • Lesley Tucker 1 week ago

    Hi Hew, I'm in Australia so I have to flip all the seasons back to front but your YouTube clips are a massive help in getting more out of my garden. My 3 goals for this year are 1. look to plant more heritage/heirloom varieties 2. Add to the fruit trees in the garden which in turn will provide some much needed shade in the summer for the veggies and 3. set up a grey water system to support the new fruit trees.

  • Archana Mallya 1 week ago

    I am a new gardner, stepping into growing my own for the first time in my life.

    My 3 gardening goals this year are
    1. To develop a garden that will help me grow produce to make me as self sufficient as i can.
    2. To nurture the garden with organic matters and recycle as much as possible
    3. To have a patch of flowers that will enhance the beauty of my back yard.

    Is there anyway of contacting you to seek professional help? Let me know.

  • Two Hens Homestead 1 week ago

    Our top three goals:
    1. Grow enough food to feed ourselves fresh veg without a trip to the grocer
    2. Use only organic materials and our own made compost in no-till garden
    3. "Learn" our new property lessons to apply to future planting plans and water management

  • Ksina V 1 week ago

    My three goals!
    1) Add two more beds (one flower bed primarily perennials with sunflowers in the back)
    2) Grow an abundance of tomatoes
    3) Work on my medicinal garden
    All through winter I have been researching and planning on how to make the goals come to life. They are currently in the works!

  • Bethany Reynolds 1 week ago

    1. Grown something delicious
    2. Grow some complementary flowers without killing them
    3. Learn about soul enriching, particularly with vermicomposting

  • Andres Vielma 1 week ago

    Hi Huw
    I am extremely new to this, my goals are
    1. Learn about how to plan an allotment
    2. Share knowledge with my local group
    3. Grow varieties that are not easily found in shops