Added by on 2017-07-17 600 watt HPS Grow Tent Hydroponics Purple Jems AutoFlower Vegetative Nutrients: Super Foliage Spray Ask all your questions on the FORUMS so join today! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHome Made Hydroponics Marijuana Weed Indoor Grow Kit 600 watt HPS Autoflower Purple JemsiGrow Transplanting Marijuana LED Indoor Hydroponics Garden Herb Auto Growing Kit G601B G601CCannabis Garden Tour – Week 2 Flower | Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Room | Weed GardenCannabis Garden Tour – Week 3 Flower | Hydroponic Weed Garden | Learn how to grow MarijuanaCoCo Mix Indoor Weed Garden Tour | Learn How to Grow Marijuana | Cannabis Room TourSuperCloset Deluxe Grow Box Stealth Grow Hydroponics Weed 420 Medicinal Marijuana

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  • James Lucas 6 months ago

    I'm so late

  • Jenise Flora 6 months ago

    your work is awesome im going to join

  • Jenise Flora 6 months ago

    rf sheilded

  • Jenise Flora 6 months ago

    anyone having f2f problems from your ballast? all input appreciated.

  • Kris Derek 6 months ago

    what kinda nutes do i use in my hydro system for auto plants

  • Mike Smith 6 months ago

    cool video and what would be a good nutrient schedule to go by with auto flowers?

  • ThumpMonkey420 6 months ago

    Did you top this at all, or did it branch out on its own?

  • Youggod weedgrower 6 months ago

    Your shit sucks bro

  • Brandon Crosby 6 months ago

    hey man I a going to order some auto flower from there I been looking at it for 2 days now what kind of lights do you use for this I have 2 tents one wth t5 grow lghts and I my other tent is a 1000 watt hps you said I could grow in my veg room but will t5 with 20,000 lumens work for it?? and also how was the shipping im from the u.s I it safe

  • importjunkie619 6 months ago

    nice vid. keep it going

  • Artem Butsen 6 months ago

    Auto MAXI + Purple Jems ???

  • stephen swinden 6 months ago

    Dude your plant looks so big an healthily hope I can grow one like that in just 4 weeks keep it up 🙂

  • COOKTV1 6 months ago

    do you get them sent to were u grow or a friends house

  • SuperGrowPlants 6 months ago

    your right its better to cut back

  • panamaredist 6 months ago

    I was wondering how big this plant got and how much yield did it produce?

  • joey lyons 6 months ago

    what did you do for nutrients …what kind and how much did u give the plants and during what weeks.. i am a new hydro auto grower and would appreciate ur help

  • 135rob1 6 months ago

    i use your super foliage spray on my big devil autos, and thank's 2 you i got some big ass plants, look at my youtube video

  • Ghost Banned 6 months ago

    @weedjesus47 no a plant need darkness to grow, its like sleeping.

  • SuperGrowPlants 6 months ago

    @Dreababii69 ahh noob is mad cause you cant grow. let me see your videos, oh wait you have none and im going on 3000 subscribers already. loser get a life.

  • matthew ormerod 6 months ago

    I grew this, absolute pleasure to watch grow esp in the later stages when the buds turn purple, it finished really purple.

    Out of interest did you top the plant? As i did not and the one i grew just had a central cola formation with some small side branching. Yours has bushed alot more, but this just might be down to different phenos.