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In 60 seconds or so… I describe the process of ‘bolting’. Lettuce and other greens are cool weather crops. When the warm temperatures come, lettuce moves from leaf productions to flower and seed production. Very often the flavor of lettuce changes and it becomes bitter. Join My Google+ Gardening Community called Our Tomato & Vegetable Gardens – we are approaching 2500 world-wide gardeners: or Link from My YouTube Page. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPart 1 of 2 How to Build an Inexpensive Indoor Garden Grow Light Station: The Rusted Garden 2013Channel Introduction The Rusted Garden 2017: Over 600 Vegetable Gardening VideosTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)How to make a green roof in 3 minutes and 59 secondsWaist High Pallet Garden & More at the 2013 SF Flower and Garden ShowTHE GARDEN TOWER PROJECT | START UP TV SHOW | SEASON 1 (2013) | EPISODE 3

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  • Debra Vance 2 weeks ago

    I never heard of bolting greens before today. But I had wondered where the seeds for these plants came from. Thanks.

  • Claudette Faglie 2 weeks ago

    A+ on the video… good to know.  Do you ever collect the seeds?  If so, could you/would you please show us how?  Thanks.

  • R Rurban 1 week ago

    can't i just cut the bolts off and let the plant grow while continually harvesting a few leaves a day?

  • Kim A 1 week ago

    All my lettuces are bolting. Hot in tx

  • Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) 1 week ago

    Yep heat does it. Setting up a shade cloth can help if the shade is cooler. Or inside can work.

  • Keepskatin 1 week ago

    I knew something was wrong with my lettuce taste.It's very bitter and spicy too,like a super onion,but without onion taste.I'm in Florida,it's always hot here,so I have to start growing lettuce indoors then.