A roof installation involves all sorts of planning and dynamics. Feeling slightly nervous about this installation is perfectly understandable.

If this is your first roof installation, you likely have plenty of questions. Ally with a proven roof installer and you will have little to worry about.

Here’s a look at what you should expect during the installation of your new roof. https://goo.gl/soZznp
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Small & Strong: Solo-Duo Base with New ROOF SEAL BUNKER & Unlootable TC // RUST Base Build 2020

Well, this one is meant for solo’s or duo’s, wishing to make an absolutely unpredictable rust base design.

🍎 Features:
– A new triangular roof seal bunker, which does not require high foundations
– A new unlootable TC compartment
– Solo/Duo living space
– A roof access, with possible expansion to a farm story or 360 degree shooting floor, minicopter hangar, peekdowns or else
– Can be build from a very simple & cheap starter base, the same footprint as Evil Wurst’s Thrifty Scot
– Starter to main
– Memes

Solo/Duo, i do not recommend it for trio+, kinda need a bit more storage/space overall.
It’s a simple step-by-step guide / tutorial on base building, which will give you full overview on this Rust base design. We’ll start with a base tour.

🍎 TO RAID final version:
16 rockets to main lootroom
23 rockets to TC, if you want to get the resources. If not – 20 rockets.

Cost ~~ 7,5k stone, 12k metal, 110 hq +12 gears for Garage Doors
Upkeep ~~ 1,2k stone, 2k metal, 18 hq

Stay tuned, stay safe!
Red 🍎

This vid is not getting enough views, but is very nice & edited good like im so proud go watch go watch https://youtu.be/T0Giguft8_o
(yes im bad at pvp)
Video Rating: / 5

6 Things to Expect During a New Roof Installation

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