John from answers viewers questions about the Mittleider Gardening Method that is being promoted on Youtube. In this episode John explains the basics of the Mittleider method and the pros and cons to this style of gardening. Later in the episode he explains his top 6 reasons on why he personally does not use this method to grow his garden. After watching this episode hopefully you will better understand how nature works to know beyond a shadow of the doubt if the Mittleider Gardening Method works with or against nature.

6 Reasons Why I Don’t Use the Mittleider Garden Method

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  • Mortgage Financing

    Well they say that the Mittleider method grow bigger and more beautiful; vegetables..Well if someone takes steroids they look more muscular and seemingly beautiful but it is not natural and is not healthy..

  • whisperingsage

    I use all of them- square foot gardening, which I now see is similar to Meitleider, and both are similar to French Intensive, I use manure compost, drip, soil minerals balancing, coffee grounds, egg shells, we add worms, because our native soil is sand- no worms. and any new thing that thrills me I will use.

  • Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby

    This is why i love watching you channel. For the most part there is no right or wrong system. Anything is better than depending on other to grow your own food. I would love to grow like you but i have not reach that level yet. And that is ok you say because i'm trying and i am growing my own food. You always give best practices and then show the next best thing. And normally you say do thing that work best for you. 🙂 and you don't make me feel bad for not planting organically. Now you might encourage me to become better and grow organically but you won't condemn me for not. :)

  • super geeky

    You say exactly what I was thinking when I heard about this method. I am learning about gardening and growing my own food so certainly can't claim to know anything but I want to be able to use what I can create naturally and the Mittleider method just doesn't sound like it's it.

  • stacy wilmshurst

    fertliser manufacturing is a heavy industry, burns coal to produce huge amounts of energy, converts chemicals obtained through mining as well…
    end result is destruction of the environment, pollution etc.

    The people I've seen posting videos of Mittleider gardening are survivalists…
    how are you going to survive without those industrial fertlisers??


    Totally wrong the Mittleider method is fantastic, I dont get why people knock a great gardening method like this?

  • Dylan Cunningham

    Putting a lion on a treadmill all day and feeding him synthetic meat won't raise a healthy lion. Feeding a plant synthetic fertilizers and throwing them in some sand won't raise a healthy plant. But the lion has such big muscles? The plant looks so healthy look at these big leaves! Looks can be deceiving, I am not a plant or a lion but just an interesting comparison.

  • Harry M

    i definitely agree with reasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. reason 5 might also apply but i can neither confirm nor deny due to lack of information.

  • Happytimes Chany

    plants need soluble elements unlike its animal counterparts that's why hydro ponics works. organic farming also works but the complex nutrients needs to be broken up by microbes, mychorrizae to the soluble form plant needs. both extreme sides has both pros and cons as you said. the dose is the poison, a herb or any organic is as toxic as chemicals in higher dose. soluble elements are not as toxic in the proper balance and dilution that the rhizosphere will not be disturbed. everything in nature is made up of the elements. the plants need though more than 16 nutrients like more trace nutrients like chromium, vanadium, germaniun, etc

  • Henry Trott

    John, you always impressed me as being someone with an open mind. I am shocked and disappointed to see you put down any system. Is there nothing in this system that you do not use in your system, or could incorporate into your system to its overall benefit? Did you not import most of your growing medium? Use automatic watering? Add nutrients during the growing period? Or even have someone stay at your house and babysit your garden while you were out traveling? Look at some of the benefits of the system. Ground tubes for winter heating of a greenhouse, or at least tempering the air to eliminate or cut down heating costs. Immediate ability to garden, even o concrete if necissary and achieve a yield in the first season. To reduce insect and disease problems through simple procedures. Increasing yields using veticle growing methods and closer spacing than normal. Many of these things you suggest and praise in others, what's up?

  • aquapontif

    It was refreshing to hear you giving GOD the credit for what have and how the natural world works. Man has developed an ego from our intelligence without the wisdom needed. WE have learned a smidgen of how the world works and we think we know it all. We are a product of the earth and I agree with you, I want the plants to have their own selection of what they want.

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