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6 Reasons New Gardeners FAIL Don’t Become A Statistic. So many new gardeners quit because they become overwhelmed, They listen to outdated advice that is just plain wrong, albeit from well-meaning gardeners. In this episode, I am going to take you through those 6 reason new gardeners fail and explain what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic. Visit our Amazon Store for Gardening Products Support This Channel With Paypal Support This Channel With Patreon: PRODUCTS USED TO FILM THIS EPISODE Holiday Gardening Gifts For Him Holiday Gardening Gifts For Her Tubebuddy Video SEO Tool Join Our Newsletter Visit Our Website Business Enquiries Email We would like to welcome all our new subscribers and thank you all for supporting UK here We Grow Other Videos You may be interested in. Results Container Or Ground Grown Potatoes… Shed Build Part 1… Polytunnel Rebuild Part 1… Installing 200watt Solar in Shed… Build A Wildlife Pond… For more Free YouTube gardening tips, tricks and how to’s: Share this video with a YouTuber friend: My most recent upload: My Most Popular Upload: ⚠️ Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links you’ll help support the channel at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support! Related Posts6 Reasons Why I Don’t Use the Mittleider Garden MethodContra Costa Master Gardener’s 2nd annual Sustainability Fair, Sept. 6 at Our Garden. #ourgardenVegetable Garden FAIL – What You Can Learn From My FailureGARDEN GROVE POLICE DEPT. FAIL (PART 1)पत्तियों का पीला पड़ना IRON DEFECIENCY, MAGNESIUM DEFECIENCY , CHOLOROSIS, REASONS AND SOLUTIONNATURE THERAPY| UK Food Security | Health benefits of gardening| Reasons to take up […]

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  • Simplify Gardening 1 month ago

    If you enjoyed this episode don't forget to subscribe to my channel and check out some more of my content here

  • David Gingras 1 month ago

    Great advice. I started small and every year it's grown along with my expertise and capabilities.

  • Sharron Chambers 1 month ago

    I'm a new gardener but I dont have a garden or allotment so I have started to grow my vegetables in containers in my yard. I haven't had any yield yet but am hopeful.

  • Dormousey 1 month ago

    Oh my, you haven't gone 'no dig' have you Tony?!

  • John Simpson 1 month ago

    I'm in Russia and just bought a cottage with 1/3 acre land. The cottage is about 300 east of Moscow to give you an idea of climate.We will soon have snow and it will be there until year. What preparations would you recommend. for next year? I have pulled out the weeds and there is a suggestion of covering the ground with leaves and leaving till next year.

  • Mill Leat Holistic Farm 1 month ago

    Digging will destroy the mycorrhizal fungal layer which holds the nutrients for your plants. No dig works with nature as these nutrient pathways are delicate and digging will just make the gardens progress slower.

  • fatchef100 1 month ago

    Hi iv'e just bought some land to start a allotment and orchard it's virgin land which has just been pasture land before what's the best way to start as i was thinking of starting to prepare some of the land now ready for next year about 30 mtr sq to start with as it's about 2,25 acr site

  • solar corona 1 month ago

    I'm fairly new to gardening. just took on my fiances mothers back yard. massive blackberry brambles swamped the back of the yard so much so that the fence was completely covered. the brambles are coming through from behind the fence and i now need to find a way to try and control them. no access to get rid of them properly unfortunately.

    other than that i have some cool plans but . I'm glad I'm starting in September because it is gonna take a while before its ready for any sort of planting

  • EuFamily 1 month ago

    I just got my first allotment yesterday here in Kent! Very excited to start it and watching all the useful info 🙂

  • Hall Paint And Body 1 month ago

    Good information, now I need 5 acres of cardboard. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jamie Walker 1 month ago

    I`m new to gardening, retired and just found your channel. Watched a couple of videos and just about ready to start. Thanks for the information.

  • Billy The Loam Gardener 1 month ago

    Hi buddy I've had nearly 2 years away from the allotment. I've been there but not often due to home and work commitments. However now I'm almost back on track went to the allotment the other day just to take stock of what needs doing. It is massively overgrown and yes the strimmer will be needed possibly with the bush cutter on it but as you say little and often.

  • Mel Shaw 1 month ago

    Ive took on a plot thats a nightmare not been worked on properly for 4 years, its full of docks, marestail, bindweed, and brambles. Ive dug a third but the marestail is coming up again. Great tips.

  • Bethan's Kitchen & Garden 1 month ago

    These are great tips Tony, thanks for sharing.

  • o000omusico000o 1 month ago

    i have just started with a pallet plot in garden and is my first year of proper gardening

  • Shaun Pearson 1 month ago

    Hi, Ive finally moved into my new home in North Wales and working hard on a new veg area along with a big poly tunnel.Take a look and see what you think and any ideas or tips would be great!Keep up the good work.Shaun from Happydaysveg on here and FB.

  • eddietrxify 1 month ago

    Had my plot 2 weeks now I've only dug about a quarter plus a raised bed .decided not to touch the rest this year and I'm covering the rest on cardboard .I loooots to learn

  • Alex VI 1 month ago

    "The hoe is a gardener's best friend"

    Ehm, don't tell my wife…