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For more lifestyle articls visit Reports have found that every 34 seconds an American dies of a heart attack or stroke. One in five of us have high blood pressure. In almost all cases, the final assassin is a blood clot. Surgical advancements and prescription drugs have helped save many lives, but there are always unintended side effects, and by the time these medicines are employed, you’re already a patient. Taking a number of natural products may help before you become that dreaded patient. Garlic, onions, turmeric, ginger, and alfalfa are just a few that can bolster heart health. These fight inflammation, lower cholesterol, and relax blood vessels. So pick up some of these plant-based solutions and keep the blood flowing. — Subscribe to our channel: — Visit us at: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: ‪Follow us on Twitter: Hang out with us on Google+: Follow us on Pinterest: Related PostsSustainable Atlanta: Weston Solutions Volunteer DayNatural Solutions to Chronic Pain: A Weston. A. Price Foundation LectureSecurity Services & Equipment – Weston Security SolutionsWeston Recovery SolutionsWeston SolutionsWeston Solutions

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  • Kunta kintay 4 years ago

    that was hilarious woman shopping only because its 75% true

  • Hayley Charles 4 years ago

    I'm confused are you saying woman don't pay the bills?..

  • Gayle J. Lang 4 years ago

    Helpful video but the comment at the end was inappropriate and insulting. Very disappointed in that. 

  • Hizner 4 years ago

    Great video, but the women-shopping jab? Ugh, really? It's all fun and games, but sexism just falls flat in the 21st century. Besides, women are less likely to die of heart attacks, which is kinda-sorta relevant to this video and would've been nice to mention. Just keep to the facts; that's where you guys shine. 

  • Just Me 4 years ago

    Fish oil and Tumeric! Yum and oh so good for you! What about Hemp oil? Does that have any slippery blood making nutrients in it?