This is a information packed presentation that Jim Kennard, Master Mittleider Gardening Instructor, gave in Mapleton, Utah on the Mittleider gardening system…

The first video in the gothic gardening course at Dark Side University.
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6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and Follow

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  • michaelinde1

    I want to thank your for sharing your videos with us.
    You are a very good teacher and make the mittlender method seem easy.
    Have been struggling for years now torn between going organic and the
    mittlieder way.
    You have shown me this is indeed the best way.
    Btw loved watching the sweet potato harvest video?

  • utubelesst

    Can you write out what he is saying at the bottom of the screen? How can
    anyone understand him? If it is important for preparation, than one must

  • red fred

    Thanks for another great xideo and your time and effort to share with us.
    glad that I can stop woring that you are still ok. peace.?

  • Neice McHan

    This was great! Thank you soooo much for posting this. I’m in Michigan and
    am starting my Mittleider Gardening this year! So excited.

  • callmecordelia1

    Thank you for putting this online! I was in Ammon (met you at Rusty’s
    house), but I got the time wrong and missed the first part of the seminar.
    Glad I can watch it here. Thanks so much again for all your hard work.?

  • mike j. v.

    this might have been very informative but it was poorly videoed and
    you could not understand hardly anything and really it just wasn’t
    worth tring to watch it became annouying to try to listen to
    …Sorry not a good way to bring this info to the world,,?

  • Virginia McDaniel

    So sorry. I really wante to here this presentation BUT the sound was so
    poor that I couldn’t understand. Thanks for just being you.?

  • clinicalthinker

    LDSPrepper … I am doing my own test of the Mittleiter nutrient mix. I
    mixed up a gallon of liquid. Part of it did not dissolve which appeared to
    be the 16 16 16 since the nutrient mix is all crushed up and not that big.
    Am I doing this wrong or is there a certain 16 16 16 that is more water

  • ReyReyloads

    Is the main reason why people dont like the Mittleider methods because make
    you have to rely on their specific products??

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