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Towards the end of the fall season, there’s a scramble to wind up the gardening chores. But even as the temperature dips, you can continue your food generating enterprise by shifting the venue indoors. Most homes are heated to a comfortably warm temperature range of 65 to 75F during winter. This is ideal for growing many vegetables, so the winter cold is not as much of an issue here as low-light conditions. Your choice would be limited unless you provide sufficient grow lights to imitate the sunny outdoors. As a general rule, leafy vegetables can manage with much less light than root vegetables. Fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants need more light to ensure a good yield. Try growing some of the following edibles indoors to ward off the winter blues and get your gardening fix this-year. 1.Spinach. Out in the garden, spinach does best in partial shade and gives a continuous supply of leaves. The same can be replicated indoors by growing it near a window where it will get 3-4 hours of sunlight. Select a cool spot since spinach has a tendency to bolt in heat. Keep harvesting the outer leaves to encourage the plant to produce new leaves. Spinach can be grown successfully under grow lights too. 2.Lettuce. You can grow different varieties of lettuce indoors. They need no more than 3-4 hours of dappled sunshine through a sunny window. The loose leaf varieties are ideal for indoors as you can pick the outer leaves for a long and continuous harvest. Lettuces can adjust very well to growing exclusively under artificial lights. 3.Swiss chard. These colorful plants would be a cheerful addition to your home’s ambiance, but they need 4-5 hours of sun to produce long stalks in rainbow colors. Indoor chard plants are much smaller, […]

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  • Stephen H 3 weeks ago

    Never been able to get potatoes to grow indoors…They produce a lot of greens but no spuds.

  • nenaj1 3 weeks ago

    My fat cat will eat it all

  • The Nech 3 weeks ago

    Great video. I love the narrators voice. Clean, crisp and warm. Should be on TV narrating nat geo or something lol.

  • tangobayus 3 weeks ago

    The $5 5000 kelvin 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs in $10 clamp lights are good for greens. Not very hot so you can place them 2-3 inches from the top of the plant.

  • awesome asha 3 weeks ago

    wow..great information…I wanna grow mushroom but guys how I will get the seeds..plz tell me

  • Amachetay Cybo 3 weeks ago

    yo anypony know where i can get som salvia divirioum ?

  • shirley angie 3 weeks ago

    I love mushrooms, how to grow it where to get mushrooms seeds?
    Thank you!

  • ReaperCheGuevara Alexander 3 weeks ago

    Where can I buy a grow lamp at?

  • Jay b 3 weeks ago

    Great video

  • Philippine Islands Adventure -Milo A Filipina Expat 3 weeks ago

    Potatoes grow anywhere so long as there is a lot of light and it's warm…

  • Rachel Tomlinson 3 weeks ago

    Wow, grow potatoes indoors.this would help us quite a you need them on the window or can I leave them on the floor near the window?

  • frieza 3 weeks ago

    thats cool . remember that when you use grow lights the police can use the fleir camera too see the lights and you'll get raided . it will be under the guise of we got a report that drugs are being grown here.