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Sure, vertical gardening saves a lot of space, but trying to construct a vertical garden capable of supporting multiple tiers of vegetables is tricky. That is why you should start growing vining fruit and vegetables. These plants are easy to train to a trellis and have no problem with a vertical climb, helping you save space and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take a look at this informative list of best climbing and vining vegetable for containers. These vegetables are productive and take your vertical space to grow! 1.Malabar spinach An ideal provider of leafy greens, Malabar spinach multiplies well; this vegetable is so productive even in containers that it never stops producing until the growing conditions are favorable. Despite being a tropical perennial, it performs well in milder climates. Start the seeds indoors and wait until the last frost date before transferring outdoors. As time marches, the plant gets overly bushy, and you may need to harvest it intermittently and provide solid support to the vine for optimal growth. 2.Tomatoes Anyone with a green thumb will tell you how rewarding it is to toss slices of fresh, home-grown tomatoes in a plate of salad or to eat it any other way. There are many varieties of tomatoes that follow vinelike growing habit. Tumbling Tom, Sweet 100 Tomato, and Green Zebra are few of the many varieties that can be grown in containers vertically. 3.Pole Beans Pole bean vines grow to a convenient height of about 10 feet, making it a suitable vegetable to grow in pots, even in balconies. Growing beans in containers is particularly useful for early starting when the soil temperatures are too cool to support the growth of this warm season vegetable. Like most bean species, pole beans resist transplanting and hate when the temperature dips pretty […]

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