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Singapore has new developments and buildings and with these new developments, there will new architectural features such as rooftop gardens. Some of these rooftop gardens have playgrounds, some have nice views and some have lush greenery. In this episode of Frenzeelo TV, I’ll be counting down the best rooftop gardens you have to visit in Singapore. Subscribe for more episodes like this. EPISODE 1: 6 Best Rooftop Gardens to Visit in Singapore OFFICIAL BLOG: ORIGINAL POST: YOUTUBE CHANNEL: BACKGROUND MUSIC: Happy Alley by Kevin MacLeod of Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBanglar Krishi O Kristi ( Best RoofTop Garden in Bangladesh)Gardening Australia: Costa talk rooftop gardensPrince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands HD Playthrough Episode 24: Rooftop GardensGrowing a Greener World – Green Roofs Rooftop GardensPersian Wedding | Kensington Rooftop Gardens | Bloomsbury Films ®Paul Lamont DJing at Rooftop Gardens Wakefield In 1986

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