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Our 55 Backyard fun list started from: 1.Plant lemongrass.. 2. a waterproof frame and flat stones. old chandelier with inexpensive solar lights. 4. mirrors up on your fence. 5. Or make some mirrored lawn ornaments by spraying it/buy it. 6. Turn an old chair into a swing. (In Swedish.) 7. A 20 minutes skateboard swing. 8. A pallet and some rope to get a multi-person swing. 9. Make your own rock-climbing wall. houzz/photo 10. LED lighted pots.. 11. The sedum sarmentosum plant info. 12. rainbow fire crystals for fire pit. 13.a lounging trio of hammocks. 14. Reuse those wooden stakes to make outdoor scrabble. 15. Make a giant outdoor water bed for the kids. 16. A tarp and sprinkler for a fun splash pad outdoor. 17. a fun bacyard obstacle course for the kids. Mud Run birthday party 18. glow necklaces and glow bracelets 19. Break glowsticks into bottles of water for some nighttime lawn bowling. 20.Glow in the dark Bowling inside a house 21. Placemats + fabric waterproofing spray = cheap & easy outdoor throw pillows. 22. Make toadstools out of cut logs .. 23. Paint ur garden stone. 24. Tie vases to the fence and fill with plants or flowers. 25. Spray-paint metal folding chairs for fun backyard entertaining. 26. A camping grill. 27.a mosquito-combating tiki torches from retired wine bottle. 28. some funny fuzzy hedgehogs from a water bottle. 29.a race car track. 30. Create a little privacy with a plant wall from old rain gutters. 31. An inflatable pool fountain .. 32. Toilet paper makes the cheapest seed paper. 33. Put diapers in the […]


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  • MLG penguin 11 months ago

    Cailou You Are Grounded For 10 Years For Hurting Rosie With Your LED Lighting Pots

  • Esleiden Confeiteiro 11 months ago

    1:39 I thought she said crap

  • Esleiden Confeiteiro 11 months ago

    Siri is that you

  • Angela Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Freakin love the firefly in a jar idea

  • Cyndi Grajeda 11 months ago

    oh god its the child's book again,

  • amy jinkyong kim 11 months ago

    the women's voice sounds like Siri

  • Lisa Van Gemert 11 months ago

    I cannot even describe how much I loathe the robot voice. I think it shouldn't even be allowed on YouTube because it's so horrible. I don't know if the ideas are good or not because I could not stand to listen.

  • Fairlight Williams 11 months ago

    love the list, hate the robot voice. great ideas though. I'll try catch your videos when I can 🙂 subscribe

  • Simple Home Art Decor Ideas 11 months ago

    @Mary T Schneider please check description. under the video

  • Mary T Schneider 11 months ago

    Where does one find the instructions to do these things?

  • jorasparents 11 months ago

    I like this series, but I can't bring myself to subscribe or recommend to anyone because of the HORRIBLE MECHANICAL VOICE. :-p I play them muted and just read the text.