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Vertical farming is the future. It will ensure access to healthy food for optimum nutrition, while protecting environmental factors that will put safeguards in place so that there is no compromise to land, air, and water. This approach to farming will help alleviate food contamination, pollutants, spoilage, protect natural resources and reduce the ability to maliciously taint the food source.

With vertical farming, a grower can product a larger variety of harvestable crops due to the use of isolated crop sectors. In traditional farming, one type of crop is harvested per season, whereas vertical farms allow for a multitude of crops to be grown and harvested at once. Current applications of vertical farming coupled with other state-of-the-art technologies, have resulted in over 10 times the crop yield than would receive through traditional farming methods.

Vertical Farming as below:
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00:00 ▶ Intro. Freight Farms
01:13 ▶ 1. Valtra Tractor ​​​​​​​
01:54 ▶ 2. Artechno AVF+
04:05 ▶ 3. Vertical Field
07:22 ▶ 4. Elevated Farms
08:41 ▶ 5. Heliospectra Siera

▶Intro. Restore the Earth Grow the Future of Food – Freight Farms
By saving water, soil, and carbon emissions, the Greenery S is reinventing the food system by making it more accessible, reliable, and diverse – both in terms of farmers and crop varieties.

👉• https://www.freightfarms.com/

▶1. Valtra Vertical Farming Tractor 001 (VVFT-001)​​​​​​​
Valtra Vertical Farming Tractor 001 Concept for Future Vertical Farms and Logistics.

It is estimated that by the year of 2030, world population will reach more than 8.5 billion people.

Valtra Vertical Farming Tractor 001 Concept was designed as part of Valtra Design challenge in 2018, the task was to design a futuristic tractor for vertical farming to meet growing demand of fresh food. This concept tractor provides you with a modular machinery for future farming and logistics in mind, it aims to optimize production in vertical farms.

Designer : Jack Donald Morris, Alireza Saeedi, and Benjamin Miller

👉• https://www.valtra.com/

▶ 2. Artechno AVF+ Full Service Automated Vertical Farming
Artechno Growsystems is an engineering company engaged in the development and realisation of modern hydroponic cultivation systems. Among the products they manufacture are robotics, irrigation systems, sowing solutions, harvesting lines and turn key solutions for vertical farming and greenhouse hydroponics.

👉• https://artechno.nl/en

▶ 3. Vertical Field
Vertical Farms Grow Veggies on Site at Restaurants and Grocery Stores.
The Vertical Field urban farm pod can be installed in parking lots or inside warehouses, with a modular design that can grow according to customer need.

👉• https://www.verticalfield.com/

▶ 4. Elevated Farms
Elevated Farms grow locally, sustainable, zero pesticides greens that are block-chain tracked from seed to sale in proprietary, closed-loop, state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities. Our facilities enable us to create ideal growing conditions for our plants, providing them with precisely what they need at the right time with zero contamination. The result is a predictable, quality product that consistently looks and tastes fantastic, 365 days a year, no matter the geographic location nor outside environmental conditions.

👉• https://www.elevatedirect.ca/

▶ 5. Heliospectra Siera
The Market’s premier #LEDGrowLight. We produce Fully Controllable LED Grow Lamps capable of replacing a HPS lamp in a Commercial or Scientific grow.

👉• https://www.heliospectra.com/led-grow-lights/led-grow-light-bars

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5 Vertical Farm Robots & Systems | Future of Farming ▶ 6

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