5 top garden design tips-and 2 mistakes to avoid!Add “before” and “after” shots

The top garden design concept from the award-winning Charlotte Rowe Garden Design company. Charlotte and design director Tomoko Kawauchi told us some design secrets that made the company so successful. And check out some charming “before” and “after” photos of some of their gardens. For Charlotte Rowe Garden Design: 00:00 Introduction 00:13 Charlotte Rowe and Design Director Tomoko Kawauchi 01:02 The three most important things when designing a garden 01:33 Tip 1-List everything you do, what you use, and what Look in your garden 01:59 Look at the light-where the sun sets 02:13 What already exists in your garden is very important 03:49 Draw a rough “bubble” map on a piece of paper 04:19 Tip 2- Lateral thinking (through the garden) 05:52 Tip 3-Paint fences, walls or lattices dark 07:04 Tip 4-Plant near the house 07:49 Tip 5-Plant mostly evergreens in a small garden 09: 02 Garden Design Mistake 1​​- Don’t let the garden “center” 11:05 Garden Design Mistake 2-Don’t make your border too small 12:07 What garden designers and gardeners do 12:53 British Association of Garden Designers: For the garden Or backyard garden ideas, gardening suggestions, garden design and landscape ideas, please subscribe to the medium-sized garden YouTube channel here: Wheth Do you like English garden style, cottage garden or modern urban gardening, The Middlesized Garden provides gardening advice and gardens for you Creativity. Weekly videos cover gardening advice and garden design—from small space gardens to medium-sized garden landscapes—as well as garden tours and container gardening tips. Medium-sized gardens practice sustainability, wildlife gardening and no-tillage methods. If your garden backyard is less than an acre, please join us and enjoy your garden even more! “The Complete Guide to Medium-Sized Garden Garden Privacy” is available in Kindle or paperback editions in 13 countries/regions (only available in English). If you want your garden to be more private, please click here for availability in your country: #gardening #gardendesign #backyardgarden For small and medium backyards and gardens… see Medium Garden Blog: For Amazon Storefront , See: Note: The link to Amazon is affiliated, which means I can charge a small fee for eligible purchases. It will not affect the price you pay, I only recommend what I use or really think you like! More garden ideas on Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook:.


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