Added by on 2017-08-05 Vertical gardening is an efficient and space-saving way to grow plants, especially if you are an urban gardener. However, it can be challenging to get started if you have never grown plants vertically before. If you start without doing some research and planning first, you can end up with an overwhelming project. Soil and water can leak, the planting container can fall apart and plants can die. The key to success with a vertical garden can be as obvious as simplifying your garden. By doing this, your project will require less work and less time, plus you will be able to avoid many common mistakes that newbies make. Below are a few tips for making your vertical gardening project easier. Buy Starter Plants Instead of trying to grow plants from seed, buy starter plants for your first vertical garden. They are easier to grow, but they also fill out the container faster. Start with a smaller container Obviously, the smaller container you use, the less plants you have to get and the less work you have to do. In addition, smaller planters are easier to hang and move. Some vertical garden frames or pouches can be purchased in sections, so you can piece them together over time to create a larger vertical garden. This strategy enables new gardeners to start small. Set up irrigation and drainage systems beforehand Proper irrigation and drainage are important to a vertical garden to keep plants healthy and prevent a large mess. Typically, a watering system needs to be installed prior to flowers or herbs being planted. Therefore, planning ahead can help you avoid problems later. Furthermore, an efficient or automatic watering system can make vertical gardens much easier to maintain. You can use less water, you can water less often and plants will […]

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