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Learn the cheapest way to grow leafy greens and why you should do it! We grow them in a nutrient solution with no soil. Clean hands, clean veggies. EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects: Enter “youtube” at checkout for 50% off eBook! Email: Masterblend tomato fertilizer : Calcium Nitrate and Epsom salt included You can see how to use 3 oz Dixie cups and foam in my other videos. If you prefer not to make your own, you can use what most hydroponic growers use: 2″ Net cups from Ponics Farm : You can cut your own foam insert out of craft foam or get it here : Music from YouTube Audio Library Dat Step by Gunnar Olsen Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesINDOOR GARDENING: Things you NEED to have to START your OWN INDOOR GARDEN.The Needs of a Plant song for kids about 5 things plants need to liveThe IKEA Hydroponic Indoor Garden Kit Great Way To Start GrowingHow to Start a Hydroponic Pepper – Growing IndoorsHow to start Growing lettuce from seed- hydroponic farming

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  • Well Prepped Pantry 1 year ago

    Yes…be patient.. not all things work great the first or second, even third time through…. but my experience with this "kratcky" method works very well for leafy greens!. A key secret is to insure your water/fluid container is shielded from light ..and thwarts the growth of algae!..Oxygen, water and light are the 3 factors to algae if you can break that cycle by mitigating one of the needed ingredients.. you'll have pretty good success. Light is the factor you want mitigate/eliminate.

  • Well Prepped Pantry 1 year ago

    I like masterblend… I always recommend it. I got my formula's from MPGardener: Do you use his mix ratios?
    Most all Leaf Greens: 5 grams Epson Salts/10 grams Calcium Nitrate/10 grams MasterBlend/5 gallons of water.
    Tomatoes/Vine Plants: 6 grams Epson Salts/12 grams Cal/12 grams MasterBlend/5 gallons of water.
    I had to buy the Calcium Nitrate at a Nursery in a 25lb bag..
    5lb bag of Epson Salts at any Drug store.. a couple of bucks for 2-5 lbs.

  • AntiLag 1 year ago

    Hey what about pH? Does it self regulate?

  • Winni Frady 1 year ago

    Mike YOU ARE JUST PURE AWESOMENESS! Enjoying all your videos AND thank you for sharing your experience. I'm a total fan, I now follow you on IG n FB

  • Lukas Lepicovsky 1 year ago

    Thanks, great video, I like how you keep it low cost and minimal

  • Revvell Revati 1 year ago

    Thank you!

  • Jan King 1 year ago

    I had someone save me those red coffee containers. My first hydroponic attempt looked good! I sprouted some baby choi seeds in a zip bag. They even stayed green for a few weeks. But they didn't grow and eventually died off. It was maybe too cold back in February, or ph was a problem. For the growing season I'll use those containers to root cuttings. And I might try a hydroponic basil or lettuce while I'm at it!

  • Ken Lumley 1 year ago

    Mr Duzee, thanks for the vid. Check/re-enter your email address.