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Ready for Container Gardening? Set up your container garden complete with pots, saucers and drip irrigation lines. Learn how to easily set up your container vegetable garden and plant some vegetables in your pots and containers. We begin with the layout of our containers. We then move on to the choice of potting soil or potting mix you need to use for your container garden. We then set up a main drip irrigation line to water the pots or containers and finally we plant some vegetable plants in the containers garden. Setting up a container garden (or growing in pots) is easy. All we are doing is getting resin based wine barrels and using them as containers. Resin is very resistant to the elements and will last for many years. Its also safe. For the soil mix you can use a bagged potting mix or make your own potting mix using peat moss/coco coir, perlite/vermiculite and compost/worm castings. For setting up the drip irrigation line we are using half inch drip tube as the main line and quarter inch tubing as the emitter line. We are using the fan bubble emitter. This provides great coverage while being inexpensive. Finally we plant our vegetables in the containers or pots we have for a wonderful vegetable garden which will last for many years. A container garden will expand your growing area and will give you lots of space for you to grow your fruits, vegetables and herbs. Happy Gardening! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Build A Sunken Container Vegetable Garden: All the Steps – Save Resource, Money & Grow More!Container Garden TIPS Vegetable Gardening on Deck Patio Watermelon Herbs Tomatoes Totes & Pot Plants5 Steps to Help Your Vegetable Garden Recover from a Heat Wave 🍅🌞🥒The secret to a successful […]

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  • California Gardening 2 years ago

    1. Y-Hose Splitter:

    2. Watering timer:

    3. Hose to 1/2'' tubing adapter:

    4. 1/2 inch main line tubing:

    5. 1/4 inch tubing:

    6. Barbed connector (1/2'' tubing to 1/4'' tubing):

    7. Barbed tees:

    8. Soaker Hose Emitter:

    9. Stream Bubbler Emitter:

    10. Fan Bubbler on Stake:

    11. Hole Punch:

  • Gardening and Goldfish 2 years ago

    Thanks for helpful video. We're trying cloth bags for the first time this year for potatoes.

  • Ayesha Ahmed 2 years ago

    Thank you so nuch,next year I will follow you☺

  • Ayesha Ahmed 2 years ago

    does we have to change the container soil each year? If we change the soil we will throw the all old soil or just adding the new soil and mix with old soil.

  • Gardnertino 2 years ago

    Hello! Finally put a raised bed garden in, and although I lost my spinach, everything else is doing pretty good. For my first time anyway. Question on dill tho…. it’s been thriving. It has gotten extremely tall with thick stalks. Not very bushy (I’ve been trimming back the little sprouts that stem off of the stalk but nothing is growing back bushier. Can I cut the gigantic stalks to let it start over?

  • Lorena Lara 2 years ago

    hello. how do you set the timers for your irrigation? do you water all the plants the same amount of water?

  • Big Papi 2 years ago

    Regarding your comment on growing pepper plants here in So. Cal. After a few weeks in the ground apply a P-K type fertilizer like Grow-More 0-50-30 or Alaska Mor-Bloom. That really helps!

  • Big Papi 2 years ago

    Excellent video. It took me years to learn all the items you've presented in this short video. I can't think of anything you've left out. Follow this to a tee and you will be successful!

  • Leafar Dimalanta 2 years ago

    Can you do what vegetables will grow best on 12” containers? Or can grow in 12” containers? I have a really tiny patio, and I really want my own vegetable garden.

  • Shri Vrindavannath 2 years ago

    Have seen many of your videos. You are doing great, thank you so much for sharing all this videos and info, I'm in Mexico and I'm starting project on getting some plants or trees that are not very common here but they are in India. Specially curry leaves, we can't get them here so I'm getting some seeds, hopefully some day we'll have enough curry leaves for everyone here… I was searching for any video in your list of Amla growing. Do you have any project on that? I do have so many other questions but will be doing them with the time. Thanks again!!

  • Sakima 2 years ago

    best gardening videos on YouTube. been watching you for years now. love the videos

  • Sherry Dee 2 years ago

    I don't store my food in plastic, so I'm not growing it in plastic either! I water by hand daily because I prefer to hover & inspect each plant on a daily basis. In fact, I now check them several times a day for pests, or any other signs of damage from squirrels, birds & lizards. I switched to fabric bags & the only plastic I use is a milk crate that I put the grow bags into & I can easily move them when the sun gets too hot for the plants. Just sayin' & not trying to be judgemental. I know my way isn't your way. My entire crop was ruined a few years ago from these plastic costco planters getting too hot & frying the roots of my plants! They smelled funny too. They make better worm farms in my opinion.

  • Jon Chu 2 years ago

    You might want to check the pH of your DIY mix. I have the same PremierTech peat and I'm getting pH ~5.3 alone, so I use 5 mL aglime : 750 mL peat to get it to 6.2. Even with compost, the mix might be too acidic for some plants. PTech's commercial mix (ProMix) comes with liming agents included to up the pH, that's why it says not to keep the bag wet. Plus you get the extra CalMag as well.

  • Late Grower 2 years ago

    Very informative as always.

  • Kannan Rajeswari 2 years ago

    my egg plant are flouring but the flours are dry so what i do

  • narmu nayak 2 years ago

    Hi sir, I want to know how to cure tomato blight

  • Courtney Kim 2 years ago

    I'm a new gardener so your videos are helping me so much! Thanks for the tip about the city compost. I live in Irvine, too and went to pick up a few free bags today from Tierra Verde. 🙂

  • priyanka makhija 2 years ago

    hiii, please help me, I live in Panama and we don't have frost or any kind of cold weather but my tomatos aren't growing fast. I have small white worms in the soil and they are in containers. Is that harmfull?

  • aiman kay 2 years ago

    How often do you water them?