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In this Gardening Video, I will try to reveal 5 shocking and interesting answers to gardening ideas and questions. These FAQs, Facts and Myths are answered based on garden and botany science. Garden Myths busted on Questions like: Does Light REALLY hurt your plants roots? And What Happens when you Expose Roots to Light? Do Pot ted Plants need Soil Change periodically? Do Naphthalene Moth balls contain the best and the most expensive rooting hormone – thats naphthalene acetic acid? If you are interested in gardening tips, tricks and hacks, please Click on the bell icon to receive all notifications. 1. Can we Put Earthworms into Soil of Potted Plants? Yes or No? 2. Many Gardeners Say Putting Stones or a layer of gravel at the bottom of Plant Container is Useful and improves drainage? True or False? 3. Do Potted Plants need soil change periodically? Yes or No? 4. What Happens when you Expose Roots to Light? Does Light REALLY hurt your plants roots? This is infact complicated and controversial gardening query. \ 5. Do Naphthalene balls or Moth Balls contain Naphthalene Acetic Acid which is the best Rooting Hormone? Or can these naphthalene balls be useful on plants as rooting agents or as pesticides? RELATED VIDEOS AND LINKS: 10 Golden Rules of Repotting Video: Recharging your expired soil: University research Articles Download Links: and Purchase Gardening Stuff: OTHER GARDEN SECRETS All VIDEOS Playlist: Increase Flowering: Air Pruning for Fast Growth: EASY PLANT CLONING IN WATER: Please LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT on the video. Consider subscribing if you are new to this gardening channel. Happy Gardening! #gardeningideas, #gardeningchannel, #gardentips, #gardeningtips SUBSCRIBE TO DOCTORS HEALTH TIPS CHANNEL: (I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening) Free SUBSCRIBE TO Our […]

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    Please Watch Full Video and Support the Channel by Likes, Shares and Comments. Regards Dr.Naazir

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  • mayank mishra 1 month ago

    I am sure professor kitty told you all this..

  • Mear Teabee 1 month ago

    Hi new fren here

  • Archna Parwani 1 month ago

    Can you please help me in knowing the problem with my rudraksh plant? I bought the plant from nursery and transplanted in a pot with all precautions. But after 15- 20 days gradually leaves are dropping one by one and only stem is left. Now I want to know……
    1) cause of leave dropping.
    2) how can be prevented( as my other rudraksh plant has also started dropping the leaves)

  • mga tol 1 month ago

    shut out me

  • Hemanth Kumar 1 month ago

    Can we use Disprin tablet dissolved in water for rooting?

  • M Sobitha 1 month ago

    Thank you sir

  • Abubaker M 1 month ago

    Thank for the video sir, shall I use ginger tea waste to my rose plant after take out ginger? Some people suggest me to not to use it I thought it's a myth

  • Yamine r 1 month ago

    Thank you sir, very best info abt Napthinal balls using on plants

  • Girija R 1 month ago

    Sir what is the name of the plant that comes at 2:38? Loving all your suggestions. Thank you!

  • Chris Darrow 1 month ago

    moth balls are actually illegal to put out side for any reason and the charge from parks and wildlife is poisoning the ecosystem due to them poisoning animals and water ways

  • Debabrata Bhowmick 1 month ago

    Sir tell me one thing that how to sterilize potting soil And How to solarize the potting soil .

  • komal kour 1 month ago

    I have millybugs in my plants can I use naptheline balls

  • reeshal kumar 1 month ago

    Do naphtalene prevent white flies in our plants?

  • MEL VIDAL 1 month ago

    I had a lemon tree in a pot. I finally put it in the ground in my back yard. It has many new leaves but the new leaf growth looks lighter green. Am I missing something? Also, the bigger leaves seem to fall off with a stiff wind. I am new to gardening. I live in Arizona. Thank you!


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    He never did.

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  • Blc ME 1 month ago

    I have bonsai tree which I haven't change soil for 8 years. It's still good and follows its normal cycle.