Indoor agriculture is a growing trend and while much of the buzz is about big, commercial operations, ordinary gardeners can take inspiration from it. Growing food inside conserves resources, allows for year-round growth, and ensures you know how and where your food is grown. Growing an Indoor Farm There are many great reasons to consider veggie farming indoors: Grow your own food and know where it comes from and that it is organic. You can grow food year-round, regardless of climate and weather. Growing your own food minimizes carbon emissions from food transport. Indoor farming is an option if your garden space is limited.

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00:44 ▶ 1. Infarm This Berlin Supermarket
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● Intro – Vision for a better future

● 1. Infarm This Berlin Supermarket Has a Vertical Micro-Farm Inside It.
INFARM, a Germany-based startup that distributes “modular farms” to grocery stores and other urban locations, has raised 0 million in a series B round of equity and debt funding to Expand Its Urban Farming Platform to the U.S. and Beyond.While large-scale vertical urban farms may not be viable everywhere, scaleddown versions of this space-efficient growing method have been shown to be a potential good choice for a green small business, and the introduction of a new micro-scale offering from INFARM could bring the crops right into the grocery aisle. Introducing “farming as a service,” INFARM has launched what it calls “the first in-store farm in Europe” at a Berlin METRO supermarket location, with the mini-farm being dubbed simply “Kräuter Garten” (herb garden).


● 2. Natufia
Estonia-based Natufia Labs has brought its fully automated indoor hydroponic Kitchen Garden appliance to the U.S. market.Developed by chefs for chefs, the Kitchen Garden allows anyone to grow almost any herbs, vegetables, and microgreens right in their kitchen all year round without pesticides, the company says.The company says the Kitchen Garden is the world’s first fully integrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden.The Kitchen Garden features technology that automatically maintains the perfect light, temperature, water, and pH level to ensure optimal health for the plants.


● 3. OGarden Smart
Grow An Indoor Garden of 90 Fruits & VeggiesOGarden Smart is an automated indoor garden that lets you grow fresh, organic products from the comfort of your living room.Comprised of an innovative revolving garden wheel with automated cycles for LED lighting, fertilization, and irrigation, OGarden allows you to simultaneously grow up to 90 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs with minimal hassle.


● 4. Rotofarm
Rotofarm Proposes “Rotary Hydroponics” as Sustainable Source of VegApartment dwellers can enjoy nearly 1.5 metres of indoor veggie patch using the Rotofarm by Bace, a countertop hydroponic garden where plants are rotated to grow more quickly.Like all hydroponic systems, the Bace Rotofarm works without soil, instead using mess-free nutrient and water reservoirs to feed its plants. With the addition of the rotary design, the plants turn in a full circle every hour and spend half their time in negative gravity. Bace says this accelerates their growth as much as twice over. Australian Toby Farmer, who founded Bace in 2018, refined the principles of rotary hydroponics for Rotofarm, which he calls the “easiest-to-use and most automated planter in the world”.


● 5. Agrilution
Inspired by Vertical Farming, Max Lössl and Philipp Wagner founded Agrilution in 2013. The vision: to harvest fresh salads, herbs and microgreens at home – without pesticides and long transport routes. Packed full of nutrients and vitamins, as close and fresh as possible to the place of consumption.Today’s international team of 30 people including product designers, plant scientists, technicians and sales people developed the first Personal Vertical Farming Ecosystem for private kitchens and restaurants. The design has always played a major role.


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