In the creation of the garden we often think of the plants, the species to be included, the exposure of the different areas and their irrigation, aspects as classic as they are fundamental in the creation of a green space. As all the most experienced enthusiasts of our site know, however, the details in gardening (and in the garden) make the difference, and there are construction details that can give the touch of grace, which can be the icing on the cake of a garden. We are talking about construction details, even small ones, but which can improve the appearance of the garden as a whole, giving a touch of design and originality to our greenery and to the house. Let’s talk about flower beds, decorative elements, special inert materials which overall help to achieve a spectacular result and enrich the appearance of the garden.
driveway to the garden

The walkways are essential in the garden to be able to reach its different areas without stepping on the grass. There are thousands of solutions to create walkways and there are many creative ways to install these elements in the garden, but often the materials we see are always the same. So today we want to bring you some original examples that will make you think of a new way of designing the garden and maybe, why not, will push you to make some changes in your garden.

  • Rock garden driveway

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  • Driveway

    driveway With the materials available today it is not so difficult to prepare a path in the garden; the simplest type of driveway to prepare in our land is certainly the one with the stones directly …

  • Garden driveway

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brick driveway To start, let’s start with a timeless classic: the brick driveway. Paths in brick, or rectangular stones, have been seen everywhere and of all kinds. From the saddest and most banal paths to the strangest ones. It doesn’t take much to make a brick driveway beautiful, just avoid too geometric shapes and look for sinuosity, always trying to lighten the visual impact and connect the different elements in the most natural way possible, using curves, gentle and soft lines to connect the different elements of the garden. In this photo you see a classic and very “normal” example of a driveway but not ugly or too simple.

driveway with tiresThere are many examples of creative recovery and online mini-blogs on do-it-yourself and creative gardening are popping up like mushrooms. Many are the materials that are recovered, one above all, a material that lately we can hardly see anymore, are the pallets.

Pallets, with a little imagination, are used for many different purposes, from creating vertical gardens, to flowerbeds to walkways. Another material that has always been widely used is used car tires. As in the example shown in the photo, the tires they can be used to decorate paths and walkways in an original way. Whole as in this example, or cut in a semicircle, the tires if well inserted in the context of the garden can give a very particular effect.

Driveway with wooden planksChanging genres and materials, in a rustic house where the materials are mainly of natural origin such as stone and wood, an excellent solution can be a driveway with wooden planks. As in the photo we report, an old wooden plank, possibly of resistant wood such as larch, chestnut or very resistant teak, can be cut into several pieces to form the walkway.

Wood combines excellently with other natural materials such as the stones and pebbles you see in this photo. The cost of a driveway of this type is really limited if you use river stones and old boards but the result will certainly be excellent.

Driveway with logsStill on the subject of natural materials and wood, here is another interesting solution for those who often have to deal with trees, chainsaws and logs: create a driveway with buried logs.

Obviously these are small sections of a maximum of 10 centimeters of trunk, because otherwise burying a log would be a huge effort, but a few centimeters are enough to give stability to these trunks and create a beautiful driveway. graceful and homogeneous alternating between them the trunks of different sizes.

mold for garden path Finally, here is a practical idea that lends itself to many imaginative customizations, the mold to make the driveway. Thanks to this mold it will be possible to create many different types of driveway with materials ranging from concrete to gravel of different colors up to stones.

The mold will be fixed in the ground after which it can be filled with inert materials at will and enhance its shapes, as explained in the images.

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