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Today we shall quickly look into the Top 5 health benefits of home gardening as a hobby. And am sure after watching this video and my previous video on the environmental benefits of gardening and plants, you will certainly fall in love with gardening and plants. Coming up.. 1. Prevent Cancer: • Do you know that chemical pesticides and herbicides have been linked to the development of certain cancers like Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, leukemias, lymphomas, Damaged brain functions like parkisons disease, Infertility, Miscarriages, birth defects, autism, depression and many other diseases. So probably one of the biggest health benefits of organic gardening of all, is just simply skipping all these risks. It’s a pretty simple as that. 2. Increases Our Vitamin D levels: It only takes 20 minutes a day of sunshine to get the optimal amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to Type 1 diabetes, bone density disorders like osteporosis, joint and muscle pain, heart attacks, multiple types of cancer, and much more. 3. Its an Enjoyable Exercise: Most people go to the gym to stay healthy and most often with moods of laziness and boredom. And I don’t think I need to tell you more on this. Gardening can be an enjoyable way to increase your exercise in a purposeful, “really doing something meaningful” kind of way. 4. Reducing Stress: Chronic stress is a serious issue and leads to a suppressed immune system, heart disease, weight gain, and more. Being outdoors, connecting with Nature, fresh air and sunshine…it’s one of the healthiest solutions to one of the biggest killers. 5. Good Soil Bacteria Makes You Happy: Did you know scientists have isolated a bacteria that’s found in soil that acts as a natural antidepressant and mood elevator? Its proved to release the neurotransmitter […]

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  • Signs And Symptoms 1 year ago

    Great video.
    my father is a principal. but he is also a farmer. sometimes the results are profitable sometimes even loss. when I asked him why he should farm while he was a principal who was busy enough for gardening. he replied because gardening is a hobby and stress reliever.

  • zeemarket 1 year ago

    Yes, this is great video conveying message on a healthy environment by planting trees and adopting gardening as a hobby at home level involving our kids and elders for a healthy stress free life.

  • RANI VICTOR 1 year ago

    According to my experience instead of spending unnecessarily to doctor we can grow a plant we get natural joyfulness which is the best tonic for mind and body.

  • RANI VICTOR 1 year ago

    Hello sir, thank u for the best information, if we spare 24 minutes in our own garden we can keep the doctor away for 24 hours.

  • Terrace Garden 1 year ago

    its nice and new