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Obviously, we’re all familiar with the normal ways to grow plants–from seeds.  But it turns out that there are tons of plants that will produce entirely new plants from scraps as well. Plants that will produce more food, saving you time and money in the long run. While the list of foods you can re-grow is endless, these are some that most of us eat of everyday. Next time you cook, simply save the root portion of each of the following foods and watch it turn into a whole new plant. Full story here: Mark Macdonald from West Coast Seeds talks about growing sprouts and micro-greens indoors, and recommends some excellent tools to help grow nutritious indoor crops. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow-to Grow a Vegetable Garden from Kitchen ScrapsHouseplant FAILS! Indoor Gardening Lessons from Trial and ErrorUrban Indoor Gardening, How to Grow Food in Cups Day 1How to grow houseplants | Indoor Gardening tips | Keep your houseplants aliveGorilla Grow Tent Review: Indoor Gardening Expo 2013New Grow Room (Indoor Gardening)

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  • Barbara Caballero 6 months ago

    How much water add? I lost my instructions

  • Leekids94 6 months ago

    excellent,je viens de prendre la version mini et j'en est un peu plus appris sur le démarrage dans cette vidéo, merci 😉

  • D3 Protection 6 months ago

    Been growing the west coast seeds "green dragon" cucumbers indoors this winter….I have been enjoying freshly grown cucumbers for weeks now 🙂