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5 easy to grow climbers Climbers are a great way to cover walls, trellises, arches, pergolas, arbours, pillars, etc There are dense climbers that can be woody as well as herbaceous climbers that gently cover the surface True climbers take up little ground space, and are excellent choices for smaller gardens, whereas wall shrubs require more ground space. The following are some of the easiest climbers to grow: 1. Bengal Clock vine: This climber easily takes off after planting. The plant produces dark green leaves like a carpet with sprinkles of lavender trumpet like flowers. This plant can grow even in partially diffused sunlight. 2. Rangoon creeper: This is a hardy climber. Clusters of white, fragrant, pendulous flowers are produced first which then turns pink and finally a deep maroon. Rangoon creeper does like medium to bright light. Under good conditions it will be necessary to prune the plant to keep it in bounds 3. Giant potato: This is a type of morning glory plant. Like the sweet potato, it belongs to the Ipomoea genera. Flowers are pink or reddish purple, with a darker center. The Ayurvedic name is Kiribadu Ala, and it is also an ingredient in Chyavanprash. 4. Garlic Vine: Garlic Vine is one of the most rewarding, flowering vines that you can grow. Interestingly enough, it smells like garlic. However, it doesn’t smell if the plant is left alone, only when the leaves are crushed. Flowering twice a year you will find it quite often covered with flowers. Flowers start off purple with white throat and change to a lighter shade of lavender with age. 5. Mysore clock vine: The bright red flowers of unusual shape are hanging from the vine in clusters, and look stunning. The intensity of the color seems to depend upon the temperature […]

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