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John from shares with you the 5 easy steps to start growing a vegetable garden in one of the most inhospitable enviroments in the US… Las Vegas. You will discover the specific resources and how you can successfully grow a garden in Las Vegas with the tips and techniques in this video. If you live in any other desert climates, you will be able to use some of the tips and tricks that John uses in Las Vegas in your similar climate. If you do not live in Las Vegas or a desert climate you can learn some of the overall principles that John shares on the secrets to his growing success that will work anywhere plants grow. In this episode some of the wisdom you will learn includes: Best soil to use Container Gardening Raised Bed Gardening Raised Bed Materials Best Soil Ammendments to use Best Edible Plants to Grow Plants that grow best in the arid desert environment Best Irrigation systems How to water properly in the desert Best crops to grow indoors year round Best vegetables to grow in the summer time heat Choosing the best place to grow your vegetables Should I shade my garden from the sun? Refilling your raised bed after every season and much, much more. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLas Vegas Summer Vegetable Garden – How to Grow Food in Extreme ConditionsHow to Start Seeds the EASY Way. tomato pepper vegetable garden kale tomatoesHow to start an EASY vegetable garden! (Small Space Square Foot Garden)Easy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHow to Start a Vegetable Garden | Everyday HealthTime to start the Spring Vegetable Garden!

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  • nts 323 11 months ago

    how often should I water and feed nutrients to plants in Vegas summer

  • Gone Mental 11 months ago

    Thank you I need to start a garden to afford my juice habit lol.
    I live in Australia, but I am learning how to start a garden off you.

  • Helena York 11 months ago

    OMG!! Im sorry, I know you are a great speaker and all…but seriously, get to the point…

  • Robert Palm 11 months ago

    John,  I live in Phoenix and I have talked to a variety of local nurseries, no one has rock dust.  My wife has been involved in the health food industry and states that Alfalfa is a full spectrum vitamin and mineral.  With this in mind, we tried thinking lateral on your full spectrum soil.  We tried putting Rabbit pellets mixed in our soil this year.  My plants look healthier and taste incredible, however I have no research to prove if this helped.  The Rabbit food has many of this full spectrum properties, What do you think about this, if you use an organic brand?

  • Nathan Deneault 11 months ago

    Getting the water UNDER the soil, keep the moisture IN the soil will be what is important, especially in this location.  Wood chips down over the grow area (and or ground) will ensure the moisture stays in the ground the longest without an aqua-jet system.  I barely watered this year and had PHENOMENAL growth in my garden :)

  • Reddylion 11 months ago

    nice……..anil Reddy

  • Tim Brown 11 months ago

    In case you didn't know John, the Hummingbird Moth…which I think is real neat…is what lays the eggs that produce the Green Tomato Horn Worm. I really liked having them around and even liberated a few from my garage until I learned  that they were an arched nemesis to my tomato plants.

  • TJ Lawrence 11 months ago

    Okra grows amazingly well, especially in Central FL. This past summer I was feeding 3 adults every 2 days 1 meal of pan fried okra with 9 plants from my raised beds. This year I am going to try growing them in some Dutch Bucket Hydroponics as well as my raised beds. The goal is to have enough to feed us fresh Okra and also enough to pickle and keep on hand.

  • Pete Nathan 11 months ago

    Hey John do you know if I can grow Gotu Kola in my apartment if not what is the best way to grow them in a community garden?

  • Tim Robinson 11 months ago

    Hi John, I'm up in Western New York. If your ever find yourself up Niagara Falls way. There is a worm farm (Worm Power) in Avon N.Y. (about 90 min. away from the Falls) that you may want to tour. They use dairy cow manure that has been composted. It has been tested by Cornell University with good results. Niagara Falls is one of the worlds 7 wonders John. Just sayin'  I can't believe how cheap you get AZOMITE. It costs me $1.00 a pound.

  • Villamor78 11 months ago

    Anyone else have bad experience with Miracle Garden soil? I just started vegetable gardening this year (plastic beds & pots/town home setting).

  • Patrick Meehan 11 months ago

    I'm amazed that your egg plants(aubergine) didn't do well in California

  • wonderlucha 11 months ago

    This video kinda sucked. The ppl in the background kept talking therefore it was hard to concentrate on what John was talking about. I wish someone would of shushed them. 

  • carriew92 11 months ago

    Loving your work!

  • Patrick Bonneville 11 months ago

    Thanks for never forgetting the small picture, the lil' things; and teaching freely. Your videos are inspirational John!

  • INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART Linda Bloom 11 months ago

    Moving to Henderson soon.  See you there!  Thank you so much for this, and all your good work John.

  • Courtney McFarland 11 months ago

    yes more lectures please

  • GreyDevil 11 months ago

    You should try getting a separate mic for you when you're talking in a room with people. The talk is really interesting so far (i havent finished the video), but the noise in the room from different people is distracting.

  • Courtney McFarland 11 months ago

    5 easy steps… in an hour and 20 minute video! I'm just playing- I love you John and your long vids too! Don't ever change you are awesome!!!

  • RonPaulgirls 11 months ago