In this marijuana grow weekly update, I show you 3 plants in flowering and 1 plant drying. I also talk about 48 hours of darkness before harvesting cannabis plants.

This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate.

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48 Hours of Darkness Before Harvesting Cannabis Plants! – Marijuana Grow Weekly Update

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  • Da Ca

    That resin production shit is nonsense. The reason people started to do 48 hours of darkness was because of chlorophyll content only in the past few years have people started saying its for resin production


    When you are using a humidifier and you can add Vicks to it are you supposed to do it or can it cause chemical harm or harm in general

  • gottabump

    If you use the method of cutting the top big buds 1st then leaving the smaller lower halves up an extra week is there a way to implement the 48hour darkness into that? is this even a good method for outdoor?

  • Joe Maiato

    I heard if you stick a thumb tack through the stock base about 2 weeks before harvest it will affect your buds with additional thc

  • Patrick Smith

    The absolute best method I've found to increase resin production is a 48 hr dark cycle with a continuing stream of animal sacrifices going on during, at hour 36 you throw the carcasses on top of a fallen oak tree and light it up. Eat shrooms and dance beneath the moon until the fire dies and then cut your plants down. Works every time.

  • Cliff P

    Sir I have some questions and no one really to ask? It’s about Flower hrs? May I ask? Week 3 4 5 would it be good to run at 13 on and w1 w2 w3 11 hrs on and w6 w7 11 hrs and w8 w9 at 8 hrs and the 8 hrs is to help stop over growth and I think It was fox tailing? The 13 hrs is to give the buds a little r

  • Harz.exe

    On official site of Dinafem Seeds you could see that tip: it was mentioned in the description of one strain but I don't remember which one exactly. They went even futrher and mentioned about 5 days of darknes! LOL! Well… if Dinafem says that, and some ppl claim that 1-2 days is enough than myabe 3-4 is optimal actually. Also: maybe it depends on the strain also. Hmm…

    Edit: "It is advisable to leave them in complete darkness for the last 5 days, to increase resin production as much as possible." It was old description for White Widow

  • Mario C

    When making butter, can you use just the trimmed leaves from harvest? Also would you make it with dry leaves or fresh ones…… orrrrrr does butter work just with the buds

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