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The gardening season has almost begun and maybe even begun for some of you. The problem of lack of space is what we often face not only in our indoor spaces but outdoors also, and if you are one of such people, it’s high time to think how you will accommodate all the flowers, plants and herbs you want in your small outdoor space. There are some space-saving solutions, and leaders among them are hanging and vertical planters, and today I’d like to share the latter of them to help you save your space and grow everything you want.
Ladder-Style Planters
Ladder-looking planters are among the most popular solutions for small gardens, patios and balconies. The principle of saving the floor space is easy: you just place one planter on another and that’s it. you can vary the size of planters, the height, the color of the ladder and so on – it’s all up to you. such planters are very easy to DIY, no buying needed.
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43 Vertical Planters To Save Your Outdoor Space | Garden Ideas

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