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A little experiment I’m doing, to get all the details you can go to my journal Related PostsSoil vs coco vs hydro | Week 8 updateKIDDIE POOL VEGETABLE GARDEN – Week 1: Site Setup & Soil Preparation | Container Gardening | DIYPART 8…3 DAY VEG!!…Blueberry Skunk, Aeroponic tent grow, Week 8 of floweringChickens: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Amazing High-Tech Hydroponic,Aeroponic Potatoes,Growing plants without soil, gardening technology►1Soil preparation for vegetable garden | soil preparation for gardening | টবের মাটি তৈরি |

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  • Micah westgate 2 years ago

    Your magnets in the light ballasts are causing those lines in the video. Like polarizing lens kind of only it's jacking with your cameras light sensors in the case.

  • Russian Hands Roman Fingers 2 years ago

    PH perfect my yass! lol

  • Tuga Budz 2 years ago

    It seams like my mazar

  • noah carroll 2 years ago

    lol all of that is hermied. Have fun with the seeds

  • Quez Mackey 2 years ago

    light looks to be way to close, heavy hand on the nutes too, a few More trial and error and you'll get it together. wish you the best

  • GreenBuds&Hash 2 years ago

    lmfao "PH PERFECT MY ASS!!!"

  • Diggler Rootporn 2 years ago

    lmao. .PH my Ass….!!!

  • Carl shadbolt 2 years ago

    Can i say that if your PH is moving everyday that your mix is out !! simple as that !! If that happens you need to pour out nutes and drain system flush or two days or 24 hrs should be ok !! and start again !! Ph should be 5.8 to 6.4 lower better !! Your Aero plants are in awful shape they are over nuted !! ec/ppm needs to be 1.6 to 1.8 into flower !!
    for the size of Aero you have there you need to grow one plant and veg it and super crop it and scrog it to make it worth while !! 4 plants in that system is far to many !! this is probably why you cant get your nutes and PH to stay with in !! as all plants take different things they need, some need more others need less !! 4 plants in a system like that is madness you will never keep the ph and ppm at optimum !!
     root mass is really important in aero not enough then you have weak plant !! peppers are no different in weed both use the same nutes lighting and conditions !! some of my peppers i have in the past grown hydroponically have been the best tasting and best colours and biggest i have ever seen !! you could actually smell an aroma from them..and try to smell a shop pepper see if you get a strong smell an aroma no chance i bet ya !!
    Aero is a good system with peppers you can grow 4 plants in a aero of your size but weed no chance of course it will finish and you will get a result but not the best… Like in Peppers you can grow good peppers or the best !! nothing has to be expensive knowledge is king with all forms of growing regardless to aero or soil peppers or weed !!

  • The_black_Frank_White 2 years ago

    I dont know how people can overdose the plants with nutries…if the leaves go yellow, give the only that amount what they weite on the backside of your product. Never give them nutrients if the plant looks happy and healthy in this moment! Rule nr1!

  • NkxZomBieTriX 2 years ago

    Never take a plant down based on hair color. You need to look closer at the trichomes! Also these plants Are way over fertilized. Biggest mistake people make is they feed feed feed and that's wrong. You need to alternate feedings, I prefer to fertilize twice, then use plain water, fertilize once more, then flush and start all over. It's also best to use smaller amounts of water but feed more often. This way you don't suffocate your roots and get rot. You'll get better with time and dial in but seriously slow down on the nutrients. They're way to dark and the nutrient burn is insane.

  • Daniel Bull Runner Lamb 2 years ago

    How can you get alot of collas? how big is the buckets?

  • Allan Snackbar 2 years ago

    Little friendly advice to help anyone doing hydro, it can take a lot of tweaking to get the nutrient blend right. Less is often more, if you get me.

    Here the hydro grown seem to be suffering nutrient overdose/defiency/too much ph down. Have to figure stuff out best you can, then roll with it as you figure stuff out.

    Results vary with strains genetics being involved, important point there.

    Compost grown herb is always the best though for smoking/vaping..
    Using a solid blend like Biobizz nutes, with added microlife to your medium, perfecto!

  • stonner2k 2 years ago

    them black lions lol

  • Jamie Vaughan 2 years ago

    Can use a bit vinegar works the sam

  • Paul Leonard 2 years ago

    You're way over feeding dude. less is more when growing.

  • Paul Leonard 2 years ago

    Liquid limestone for up and citric acid for down.

  • The House that Jack Built 2 years ago

    The black lines are coming from your light ballast. It's putting out a lot of rf frequency. Not that it's an issue because your camera is less important than your grow, but using a digital ballast will get rid of that effect. But who cares right. You could wrap the ballast in an rf shield using tinfoil when u film, it might help until your done.

  • Rusty Shackelford 2 years ago

    that ph down stuff from GH is crap,go to your auto parts store and buy some battery acid,its cheap,its strong and works great and the plants love it

  • Desi Rhythm 2 years ago

    Bro nice video thanks for being honest.

  • Strain Index 2 years ago

    Keep it up one heart