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As seen in Hydroshow TV SE1.1 EP1 and EP6 If you’re looking for more information about growing in aeroponics, hydroponics or soil, see our article in issue 005 of Hydromag here… Its the ‘age old’ question, well at least its the question that the hydroponics industry has been asking for the last 5-10 years – which is better, hand watering with soil, hydroponics or aeroponics? Well, in this video we put the question to Nico at Aquaculture who setup three identical systems in their greenhouse to see if the vegetative growth would shed some light on the question Enjoy… See the articles from Hydromag alongside our hydroponic videos @ Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubes“Art Garden Growing System’s, The Future Is NOW! Smart-Tech Vertical Aeroponics meets Artistry”Hydroponics Systems: AeroponicsAdvanced Hydroponics Systems (Vertical Farming, Rotating Volksgarden, Aeroponics In Your Apartment)Single Part Nutrients for Hydroponics / Aeroponics SystemsHow Hydroponics Systems Work (Farming Vertically, Rotating Machine, Self Watering Aeroponics)

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  • multisomebodyelse notme 1 year ago

    title says vs hydro -I never saw any dwc ere-lol-jus a cute bim wiv no clue whatsoever what a plant or a root is – an weeeell boring shop guy wiv hands in pockets jus like when at his work place I bet:(
    now am ready to sleep:)

  • Random Guy 1 year ago

    The Martian anyone?

  • rio rm 1 year ago

    Mate what about who produces more ???????

  • dudeu4real 1 year ago

    Very educational for me. Never thought of just putting the seed starter cell in the net pot. I usually rinse the roots off and set them in.

  • Trevor Miller 1 year ago

    Can you set me up with the girl?

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    great fut I will like to learn all about aeroponics an hydroponics great veideo

  • Johan Güleç 1 year ago

    which hydropnic system is best for lettuce?

  • PROGROW420GUY-UK: 1 year ago

    your lass neeko i bet you planted your seed in her lol

  • Mike Kleinsteuber 1 year ago

    I think the girl adds nothing and it would have been better for a good presenter to do PTCs and give a little more info with more shots cut in. Also get rid of the dribbly music in the background

  • Kevin Behlmaier 1 year ago

    Where can I find those aeroponic buckets with lids? those are amazing. if you know the brand i would love more info, thank you!

  • Jarek S 1 year ago

    Hi, could you tell me the name of the company that makes this aeroponics system that you use in your test?

  • DK Knight 1 year ago

    Yea but how does the food taste?  Also about the Aeroponics will support be an issue say if you are growing large tomato plants?

  • hydroshowtv 1 year ago

    CARLOS GARCIA PANDO – That's not really what we were trying to show.  We think it was even stated in the video that this was more a quick look at how the different systems effected vegetative growth than anything else.  You are entirely right that it doesn't show any data concerning the overall production of actual fruit.  The time frames that we had from getting it going to broadcasting it didn't allow for that.  Showing the data you are after (and probably everyone else) regarding fruit quality over the different production methods would take a lot more time than was available, but could easily be something we do in a future test – thanks for the feedback and the idea!

  • Carlos Garcia Pando 1 year ago

    First of all, I'm biased towards aeroponics and hydroponics. This said, I think this study is not really showing any valuable data about vegetable productivity. OK, I admit aeroponics grew taller, but this means very little in terms of eatable mass yielded.
    For example, if we were to grow tomatoes would they also be better tomatoes, in the same or shorter time? Would they have the same water content as soil-grown? Would they taste the same?
    As far as I understand Aeroponics are less resource consuming technique for the same results, and this is why you are trying to explain. Right?

  • Michael Roberts 1 year ago

    Really appreciate the scientific approach it is exactly what I was looking for

  • Kevin24018 1 year ago

    the video was a bit dark, specially at the beginning, was it that cold that she needed to wear a winter coat?  anyway I learned some things, thanks for the info

  • Enviroscape LA 1 year ago

    I congratulate you on a well produced video.  The content was superb.  The results were astounding.  Keep up the great work!

  • Matilda James 1 year ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you will need to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that can be more costly.

  • Indoor Harvest 1 year ago

    Replace those low pressure sprinklers with high pressure nozzles and reduce the droplet size to 50 microns and you'll see even faster growth. NASA aeroponics was 50-80 microns. This isn't exactly aeroponics per say.. 

  • JuneBugJoe 1 year ago

    Good info for people, i like the mini humidity domes 😉 …. althouhg,  You guys host, (the guy not the girl (she sounds sweet n lively) ) is very, ummm blah… I love horticulture and feel it is very exciting and needs some more energy vibrant people! We want to see speakers sounding more interested in what they are talking about. This guy is falling asleep trying to explain things. Is he hung over?